Monday, April 4, 2011

March is Birthday Month

Three of us Amicks celebrate our birthdays in March.

I already documented my 34th birthday here and here.

We all know how Thomas's birthday went, as well as the subsequent doctor's visit.

Here is a picture of him opening some gifts the next day, when the hives were gone.

The day before the infamous Cupcake Incident of 2011, my firstborn turned five. *sniff*

Here he is eating a cupcake. With no reaction. Obviously. This ain't his first rodeo cupcake. He hates eggs, but he sure does love baked goods. Good thing he's not allergic!

Matthew got home from a five-day business trip right before Andrew's bedtime on his birthday, so that's when he got to open presents.

We are having a joint birthday party for all three boys this year. (Benjamin turns three on April 24.) We still do family-only parties, and with three boys celebrating birthdays all within a one-month period, it just makes sense. The party will be April 16, and there will be a Kipper Cake. Not made by me. :)


Christia said...

It's so crazy that our first babies are FIVE!!!! Insanity. Your boys are precious, love them, and you!

JILL said...

Presents right before bedtime - that must make for some very sweet dreams!! 4 birthdays in such a short time....mmmmm..... cake!!!!!

Ellen said...

A trifecta party: love it! Your boys are very, very cute.

It is nice to meet you. The comment you left was one of the most moving ones I've ever gotten on the blog.

Oh, and you do a mean Blue Steel.

tarynddavidson said...

Kipper - love a Brittish accent, even on a dog.

I wish I had the guts to do "family-only" parties >:{