Monday, November 18, 2013

The Amicks Who?

Remember me? I used to blog. A lot.
Then the third kid came along, and my DVR is about all I have time for.
I used to read and keep up with multiple blogs daily.
Now, I cannot even remember the last time I read a blog.
But we are still here in North Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, TN.

Just a happily-married couple in their mid-30s with three sons.
Here's a quick recap.
Matthew is a runner. A bonafide marathon runner. He ran Boston this year & will be running again next year. He ran the NYC Marathon as an Achilles International guide to a disabled runner. He is SUPER fast, and is in the best shape of his life. (See also: amazing six-pack) He works for Cigna Healthcare. He *loves* his job. There is something wonderful for a wife when her husband loves his job. It makes for a peaceful and fulfilled marriage and home. The one downside to his job is that his busy season (roughly March through June) means we don't see him a lot. He's either out of town or working super-late hours. BUT the good thing about all that travel is that he racks up tons of Delta miles & Marriott points.
So, yeah, we travel. A lot. We're homebodies when we're in town, but we're often leaving for trips. We go on solo trips, couple-trips, and whole-family trips. There is just something exhilarating about seeing new and familiar places with and without our children! We especially love Disney, Myrtle Beach, New York, Boston, and California.
I am a stay-at-home mom to our three sons. I absolutely love being at home. I love predictability. I love "running the household" even if I don't do the best job of it. It is especially nice now that the two oldest boys are in school full-time! I am still running. As of Nov 2013, I have run nine half marathons and various other shorter races. I can finally say that I think I *might* run a full marathon ONE DAY. I'll get back to you. I still struggle with a love-hate relationship with food. I am currently about 15-20 pounds heavier than I was about 18 months ago. Clothes don't fit like I want them to. I can't wear the jeans that are collecting dust in my drawer. It is all up to me to stop putting so much crap in my mouth, but I love it soooooo much. UGH.
Andrew is 7.5 and in the 2nd grade. He is in the gifted program, and especially excels in reading. He is such a NEAT kid. He isn't into sports or video games (though he loves to play Poptropica on my laptop), but he loves to play with his toys, read books, and watch Phineas & Ferb. He enjoys school and baked goods. :) I love that he is a friend to everyone.
Benjamin is 5.5 and is still in preschool at the same school where he's been since the day after his 3rd birthday. If he could stay in this class FOREVER I'd be a happy momma. He loves the bus, he loves school, and he is doing well there. He knows all his ABCs and numbers up to 10. He says a few words, and remembers songs & routines well. Sadly, he still is not talking, nor is he really communicating. He stays relatively healthy in the spring/summer, but now that it's full-on fall, heading into winter, we're constantly on our toes. He just recovered from being sick for a full week from a tiny stomach bug. BLAH. But his laugh & smile are infectious, and I simply love the stink outta him.

My feelings on Down syndrome are still very complicated. Do I believe it's God's will? Yes. Has it changed me for the better? Yes. Would I wish it away in a heartbeat? Hell to the yes.
Thomas is my baby, at 3.5. Long-time readers of the blog (hey, there, JILL & Queen!) will remember that up until he was 13 months, Thomas was TPB (The Perfect Baby). That alllll changed, and remains unchanged. He is all boy in one minute, running full-force into a lamppost while trick-or-treating yet then collapsing into a heap of tears the next minute because his Tigger is in the washer. He has such a sensitive heart and is genuinely sweet. He is my only cuddlebug. He loves to sing and play and RUN. We are holding out hope that he may be our only runner. The other two seem to have zero interest. The most frustrating thing about Thomas right now is that he is WILL. NOT. POTTY TRAIN. I have given up for now. I had to change (twice weekly) preschools b/c he just simply will NOT poop on the potty. I'll try again more hardcore in a few months. Ain't nobody got time for that.
We still have Frank & Nancy. They're 10 years old. They're fat and lazy. They're all I want to be.
Here are some pictures from this month. 

Dinner with friends in NYC the day after Matthew ran the marathon.

New hair. Style courtesy of my friend Taryn. :)

Trying to be cool. Just vanity glasses. My vision remains perfect. (Other than my thin wrists/fingers, it's all I have going for me right now!!!)

Matthew running with Kai during the NYC Marathon. Love this man so much!! (Matthew, not Kai, although he was awesome.)

Matthew and I just started drinking coffee this year. Where has it been all my life?

I think these two are a big part of the reason I drink so much coffee...

Breathing treatments: Twice daily during the fall/winter.

Love my first-born.

I love his innocence. He still carries The Big Red Dog (yes, that whole thing is his name--that is NOT Clifford) all around the house and in the van. Every. Time. we go somewhere.

So glad to see this smile after he was sick.

This is the misery we deal with when he is sick. PITIFUL.

This boy has my heart. He is FUN.

I'm a goofball.

Frank has had bad gas lately. I am not impressed.

Yep. Our tree is up. Before Thanksgiving. Deal with it.

Nancy making a brief appearance. She tends to stay hidden sometimes. See: Thomas.
So, that's it for now!!!!!!!! I'm hoping to blog a little more frequently. PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and let me know how YOU are doing, and let me know that you're still out there!


JILL said...

Welcome back! I was going to try to hold out until after Hanukkah to put up our Christmas tree, but I want to decorate for Christmas now.
I can't get over how much older Andrew is looking. :-)
My mom will be excited to read an update on you guys! :-)

Aishlea said...

You always make me smile! :) I was happy to see a post from you!

Sarah L. said...

Angela, I have read your blog since Benjamin was born! I have a daughter who is 5 and I think I "found" you through the baby boards. I love, love, love seeing your pictures and updates because you are honest and so down to earth! I am super impressed with your running and fitness, too! Love the new 'do!

We Run Disney said...

You guys have such a neat family. I love all the photos and the fact that you freely admit to loving being a stay at home mom. Many women frown on stay at home moms, and frankly it is the hardest job in the world. The satisfaction is knowing that you are doing the best you can for your children and it is clear that you love it! By the way, the new haircut is super cute!

Jenn said...

You make me laugh!! I love your blogs. I love the pics and seeing all of you. The boys are growing and it's fun to read all your comments on each of their pics.
I used to blog......It's been actual years I think. Oh so long....

Jenn said...

I think my last comment was deleted - after I signed in. I'm not writing it all over again, but I said nice things about you and your family - so there's that.

Anonymous said...

So I am offended that you didn't include me as your faithful third reader. haha MC

Stacy H said...

I love the new do! Very cute!

Sara Milroy said...

Hey now, don't I count as a long time reader? Sheesh.