Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Part One--Saturday

Last weekend was Birthday Weekend.

I love my birthday, and I like to stretch it out as much as possible.

So last Saturday, we started Birthday Weekend.

First I went to Great Clips and got a new 'do.

The back

The side

The other side

Then I headed to Walmart quickly to pick up some ingredients for my birthday cake (see the picture above). Yum.

The boys and I (including Matthew, who isn't in any close-up pics bc he had a very irritated and swollen eye, due to allergies or the fact that I beat him up) went to Steak N Shake for lunch. This is a rarity, that we all go out to a restaurant. Kids are just a lot of work at these ages. But they did really well! We had mega-good coupons and got three junior steakburgers (one w cheese), three fries, two full-size shakes, and a kids' shake all for $10, including tax and tip. (The two little guys ate food we brought bc they don't really eat "real" food yet.) HOLLA!

I loved the whole experience. It warms my heart to spend time with the four most wonderful boys in the whole, wide world. Here are pics from lunch.

On the way there--how much do I *love* that these two play together! They are seriously going to be best buds; I can tell already.

Joe Cool

My sweet Thomas
The tubes have made him a brand-new baby; TPB (The Perfect Baby) indeed!

My sweet Benjamin
I truly am excited about his recent progress, and he just makes my heart swell.

Sweet guy is serious about his Cinammon Crunch Cheerios.

They are perfection.

Taking a decent picture of the Oldest isn't quite so easy.

It's a work in progress.
A must-nag situation.


Then we went back to the house where we all (except Andrew, who played in his room) took naps.
After naps, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day!

Andrew has a small bicycle with training wheels, but the tire was flat.
When Matthew tried to add air, it kept leaking anyway. Ugh.
So it was the Big Wheel/Tricycle thing that he rode.
The neighborhood is a half-mile circle.

I believe they were playing footsie.

Andrew had to stop and climb on the rocks and comment on the ducks.

I'm not sure who lives here, but December called and wants its wreath back.

And that was Saturday. The rest of the day was mighty boring and usual--dinner, baths, bed.

Love it.

Love them.

Stay tuned for Part Two!


Mary Jo said...

LOVE the new hair cut! I'm glad you had some special family time with your boys (and man)for your birthday.... I love the pic of Ben holding TPB hand! So sweet!

tarynddavidson said...

bahahahaha on the wreaths!
my friend kept her christmas trees (3) up until the NEXT christmas!
*including fake wrapped gifts for "looks".

I LOVE the pics of Benjamin and Thomas... makes me wanna adopt NOW.

I cracked up at the pics of Andrew because Lake refuses to look at the camera. What is up with those boys?

jenn said...

Haven't "visited' for awhile--first, your boys are so cute and are getting so big, LoVe the haircut, hope you had a great birthday, and the day with your family sounds perfect!!