Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30-Day Bloggity Blogness: Day 27

Day 27: The city you live in

I live in the South. Is that supposed to be capitalized? I never can remember.

Anyway, I live in a small town, Ringgold, Georgia, that was hit last April by a tornado.

Thankfully, it hit about eight miles away from where my house is. But the town itself is *still*

But, honestly, even though my mailing address is in Ringgold, I rarely go to the actual town of Ringgold. I generally go to Fort Oglethorpe, GA (a mile or so down the road), where Walmart is, or I go to the great town of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I love it so, so much here. We are within two to three hours of Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, and Birmingham. We can drive 7-8 hours and hit many beaches (Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean) or Orlando.

Though I love to travel, I can't imagine living anywhere else!!

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Maureen said...

I moved a couple of years ago to North Carolina after living in New York my entire life. I love the South too, although it takes some getting used to after living in a rat race for so many years! It's a good adjustment though and I'm glad I did it. Georgia and Tennessee look like nice places to live too. I just wish we could make the tornadoes go away!