Saturday, April 2, 2011

He Truly is The Perfect Baby

As you remember from my last post, Thomas broke out in hives after eating his first birthday cupcake.

Here is a reminder picture of the frosting smeared all over his face.

Because of the time of day and the call we made to the on-call nurse, this is the only picture I got of the hives. They were all over his face, especially around his mouth.

That was Friday night. The following Tuesday, he and I headed off to the allergist for a RAST test. Here is how his sweet back looked prior to the test.

Thank *goodness* I brought the portable DVD player. He had to hold still, flat on his stomach for about 15 minutes. While she pricked his back 20-30 times, he didn't even flinch. He just looked at her. No whining, no crying, no nothing. Wow. (Andrew had this test done last fall, and he freaked.)

The marks are just inkpen marks so she could tell where the rows were. The bright red mark on the lower right is the control mark, to be sure that he didn't have any antihistamine meds in the three days prior to the test. But do you see the big ol' mark in the middle?

My baby is allergic to eggs.

He did so well. He and Scout kept each other company in the stroller while I made his follow-up visit.

The allergist said that Thomas definitely needs to steer clear of straight-out eggs and anything that contains raw egg whites (like cupcake frosting!) or that is cooked and the MAIN ingredients are eggs (like quiche). We are going to attempt a cooked food where the egg is just a minor component (like pancakes) to see how he does.

We got him a two-pack of EpiPen Jrs. Scary stuff.

It could be worse. It's not milk or soy or wheat or peanuts. Eggs really aren't in as many things as you'd think. Especially if he is able to have eggs cooked in things. We shall see.

By the way, I took him back to the ENT on Thursday for his ear checkup. He did perfectly! He passed his hearing test in both ears with flying colors and had no fluid nor infection in his ears. He goes back in six months.

The strange thing?

When I scheduled both of his follow-up appointments for September, I had the strange realization that I will not need to find childcare for Andrew or Benjamin. They will both be in school.



JILL said...

I love how you can keep your glass half full on this one! I really hope he tolerates things with eggs cooked in them. Although, bummer he can't have your homemade quiche!

Yay for the tubes working! Great update on that!!

September is going to be so quiet around your house. Mine, too.

tarynddavidson said...

both in school?! SCORE.

The Holt's said...

My 5 year old, Aiden has a lot of food allergies and eggs is one of them. He can most things with eggs cooked in them but he can't eat a scrambled egg or something where the egg is raw. It sounds like it is the same for your little guy. We carry the epi-pen and benedryl everywhere we go. Good luck!!

Monica said...

Boy, his back sure looks like he got hit with a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. I'm glad he handled it so well. Bummer about the eggs, but it's great you found out early.

Lolo Langstons said...

I hate to say how much I enjoy the time I get to spend with Abby while the boys are at school. Everything is so much easier, lol. Shopping, appointments, etc. That really stinks about the egg allergy. Is it something he might grow out of?

FourMartins said...

i was wondering how things turned out! hope he grows out of it, but YAY mommy for getting him through the testing! glad you have your answer.