Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LA Bound, Baby!

It's been an eventful day already, and I'm having a blast!

The lady behind the Delta counter in Chattanooga blew it unwittingly by asking us, "So, headed to LA?" Matthew said, "Well, yes, I suppose we are!"

We had gotten to the Chattanooga airport in plenty of time to catch our flight, but b/c of rain, it was delayed. So they bumped us to a later Atlanta flight. But then the lady told us that Delta would pay for a cab to take us to the ATL airport so we could catch our original flight. So off we went in the pouring-down rain w a crazy (but good) driver.

I had gotten in contact with MckMama yesterday & we exchanged cell numbers, as she and her family were flying into the ATL airport slightly before we were suposed to. But sadly, by the time we got there and I texted her, she texted back that they had just gotten in their rental car.

We found out that our original flight was booked, and we were still on the later flight. We were bummed, as Matthew already had plans for us in LA tonight.

But our spirits lifted when we were told that we were bumped up to business class for the five-hour flight! Holla!

So we're going to LA but staying in Santa Monica, hence the slightly cooler temps. Tomorrow we're doing the touristy Hollywood things. On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), we're meeting up my good friend  Sara whom I've never actually met. We're going to Disneyland that day. Friday, we're doing beach-type stuff in Malibu, and I'm not sure about Saturday yet. We fly home early Sunday morning.

So excited for this great trip, my AMAZING husband, and my wonderful Mom, who will be watching my sweet boys this week.

I'll update later! It's almost time to board. Maybe there will be a celebrity in business class!


Lillie's Mommy said...

Have a GREAT TIME!!! You deserve it.

Christia said...

Tell Sara hi!!! I'm so jealous! How fun!!!!

Todd and Courtney said...

Have fun!!! Business class is the way to fly. It's the best!

JILL said...


Anonymous said...

So fun! :) Have a great time.