Monday, November 22, 2010

Destination Unknown

Last week, Matthew and I celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary.


I remember that day well. It snowed that morning, and I wasn't nervous at all.

Just excited.

Excited to get dressed up like a princess.

Excited to be marrying my best friend.

Excited know. :)

And here we are, ten years later, with three sons and lots of worries and stresses.

But still best friends.

Loving our imperfect life together.

And so, tomorrow, Matthew and I will be vacationing in celebration of our ten-year anniversary.

We are leaving the boys here with my mom. She is staying at our house with our boys and our cats, and, God help us all, I hope the place is still standing when we return on Sunday.

We are leaving for the airport tomorrow at about 1:00. We fly from Chattanooga to Atlanta. And during our short layover, I may or may not be meeting up with a famous blogger. More on that later...
We fly out again shortly after 5:00.

The lows where we're going are in the mid-to-upper 40s. The highs are right around 60.

That's all I know.


Matthew has planned the entire trip, and I have no clue where we're going!!!

We were able to get plane tickets and hotel rooms all with Sky Miles or Marriott Reward Points.

I have it in my head that we're going to California, though I think that's slightly cool for Cali. I am fairly certain we're going somewhere we've never been before, and that it's in the continental U.S.

I suppose I'll know tomorrow afternoon!

I'm sad to miss Thanksgiving with my boys, but we had a big family celebration (complete with my DELICIOUS green bean casserole) on Sunday, so I feel I had a little of the holiday already. (Click here if you want or need the recipe for the most mind-blowing green bean casserole ever.)

I will update the blog if I have time. I'm fairly certain we will have Internet access but am not sure how much time we'll be spending relaxing in the hotel.

Which, honestly, sounds like a perfect vacation to me!

We shall see!!!!!!!


Allison Tate said...

I have a feeling I might know who you are referring to when you say famous blogger as I follow this person also and she is to be in Atlanata during Thanksgiving...hummmmmm. have a great time. So excited for yall to enjoy alone time. Doesn't happen often anymore I am sure.


Shannon said...

have a great time!!! you and matthew deserve to relax and have a wonderful time!

JILL said...

It's 3:22pm now. I suspect you are in the air somewhere. I can't wait to learn where! Matthew rocks!! No way could Lew keep a secret like this from me!

Christia said...

That is SO awesome! Go Matthew! And have an amazing time!