Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long time, no type

Well, there really is no excuse for my bloggy slackiness.

Oh, wait, yes there is.

In fact, there are three good excuses.

Three really adorable excuses.

Adorable and loud and dependent and time-consuming and exhausting

But I love them so much and they're worth all the time and effort (and brain cells) they take.

Matthew and I had a wonderful trip in California for our ten-year anniversary two weeks ago.

I really wish all of you were on Facebook because I already posted over 150 pictures of my trip, including my witty and insightful comments.

But here is the rundown:

Day One: We left here and eventually made it to our beautiful hotel in Santa Monica.

Day Two: Touristy sightseeing day in Hollywood/Beverly Hills (It was *so* much fun!!)

Day Three: (Thanksgiving Day) Disneyland. Also known as the day I got sick and spent five hours sleeping on a cot in the First Aid Center at Disneyland.

Day Four: Black Friday. Pretty appropriately named b/c I spent the entire day sleeping off my sickness in the hotel.

Day Five: Back to Disneyland! (City Hall was kind enough to give us complimentary return passes!!) This was the best day ever! We spent a wonderful 14 hours in the most magical place on earth.

Day Six: Up super early to head home.

Yes, it is nice to be home again.

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JILL said...

Oh, so you can sum up 6 days in like 10 sentences, while I am putting my readers through volumes per day of our vacation? LOL Is that you 2 on the Tower of terror? Cool shot of their shot! And.. you are rocking the weight loss.
Love the bath pic!!