Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've Never Been So Happy About Poop

So I called the GI doctor back on Monday, and they had me give B another enema and up his Miralax to a full capful, twice a day, which is twice the daily adult dosage. Yikes.

Well, that night, he had a MAJOR POOP EXPLOSION in the playpen. I didn't realize it until he was playing in it. Yikes again.

But thankfully, he hadn't appeared to eat any of it.

Only one small, insignificant toy was ruined, and we were able to hose off the mat of the pack-n-play, and it is as good as new.

The next day (yesterday), it happened again. This time at my parents' house, right before we were supposed to go to our first pulmonologist appointment. Again, no toys (or clothes) were ruined, and the pack-n-play was easily hosed off.

I was supposed to take B for an intestinal xray after his pulmonology appt b/c the GI doctor wanted to see just how impacted B's poor bowels were.

But after two major poop explosions, I didn't know if that was necessary. I called, and they agreed.

The pulmonology appt went well. Ever since being off whole milk and being 100% on Pediasure, B's chest sounds so much better, and his nose has stopped running.

The pulmonologist told us to come back in three months (which seems like a decade away), and said that he didn't see any reason why he should take part in B's endoscopy next week.

So we are scheduled to have an endoscopy next Friday (March 19) with just the GI doctor, to be sure that there aren't any underlying intestinal issues. It's an outpatient procedure which will involve putting him under. Old hat for him, sadly. But there will be no recovery, just a procedure during, and some blood work done during, too.

Since his major poops, his is most definitely eating better. He downs his Pediasure (which we're still thickening) and then is usually ready and eager to eat most if not all of his food.

The key for us right now is messing with his Miralax dosage. The key? To get two bowel movements a day that are no thicker than cottage cheese.

So far today, he's had one. We'll just have to keep trying. But one is good.

Because it means things are moving.


On the Andrew front, he's doing as well as was expected. They say days 3-5 or 3-7 after a tonsillectomy are the worst b/c the kid can start to feel more of the pain.

That certainly seems to be holding true with my dear, sweet, compliant child.

Oh, I jest.

He's a major pill.

But at least he has a few moments of sweetness throughout the day.

In the meantime, we're still medicating him every three hours around the clock. He's a BEAR to wake up and medicate in the middle of the night. Sometimes it takes 15-45 minutes for us to not just get him to take the medicine, but for us to calm him down enough so he'll go back to sleep so we can leave the room without his crying and screaming.

And I at least know why he's being fussy. And that it's on its way to getting better.

Because if I've learned anything over the course of the past several months, it's that knowing truly is half the battle.


HomeSpun Threads said...

I hope these babies get well before the next gets here. You're an awesome mom Angela! YAY for POOP!

The Soldatke family said...

Yay for poop!!! We too have poop issues in our house. Miralax is our friend!

JILL said...

I hope Andrew is feeling betetr quickly. How much longer on the wake-him-every-3-hours? Ugh!
Yay for that doctor who knew Benjamin would eat once he pooped! WTG literally!!!

Shannon said...

so happy that B got it all out!!! sorry you had to clean it up, but it comes with the job!!! and i am glad he is now eating/drinking better.

poor A... i hope he is feeling better soon. carter refused pain medication, so we had to do tylenol suppositories. not fun, but he didn't wake up at night when we did it.

your hospital stay should really be looking like a vacation now!!! lol! hugs to you!!!

Tricia said...

Glad to hear things are moving around your house again! Blessings to you and yours. I will keep praying. :)

Tired Mom of Six said...

POOP is grand :) Hope everything keeps moving along the way it should be and I hope Andrew is 100% very soon.


Astrid said...

Praise the Lord! I'm sooo glad B is doing better. You've really been on my mind a lot the last few days and I've been praying for you a lot. You have so much on your plate. You're doing great.

Maureen said...

I'm glad Benjamin is doing well and I hope Andrew feels better soon. You must be getting so excited about meeting Thomas. It's really getting close!