Friday, September 25, 2009

Matthew's Birthday

As you read in my last post, Matthew had a birthday last week. He turned 32. What a baby. LOL (I am six months and four days older, but we were both born the same year. Shout out to 1977!)

Here are a few pics from his birthday.

We started out with a little silliness with Daddy and the boys. I played several versions of "Happy Birthday" from the computer, and we all sang along. Except Benjamin. He just looked scared for a second and then smiled and clapped. We sang along with the Sesame Street characters and then Mister Rogers. doesn't get better than Mister Rogers.

Then that night we went to my parents' house where we had a family celebration. I bought all the ingredients earlier in the day for my SIL Edie to make her yummmmy chicken enchiladas (Matthew's choice). I made refried beans w/carmelized onions and cheese, Spanish rice, and I picked up chips and salsa from Salsarita's. We all stuffed ourselves.

Then we got the boys ready for bed so that the adults could stay up and play games. Here is a picture I know you ladies will appreciate...

Even the most helpful husband doesn't always pay attention to the details.

You know, like throwing the diaper away after you change it.

I laughed when I saw it, and I took this picture right in front of him, stating, "This is so going on my blog." ;)

Andrew and Daddy worked on a puzzle before bed.

Random picture of the birthday boy. LOL

Andrew chased him down the hall. I took this picture over my head, upside down, not even looking. Not bad, eh?

Once the boys were in bed, the games began. We had three teams competing at Scene It: Seinfeld. I got this for Christmas, and we've only played it once before. That was on my 32nd birthday. My team won.

So I was okay with the fact that Matthew's team (which was also comprised of both my parents and my Aunt Eunice) won.

Except that my team (me, my cousin Philip, and his wife (cousin-in-law?) Crystal) really won.

Because another team (cousin Casandra, my brothers Justin and Michael, and my SIL Edie) contested that Casandra said her answer at the same time that I said my answer (earlier in the game).

When we all knew that I really said the answer first. That would have won the game for us.

But I'm not bitter.

Here are a couple of action shots from the night. I have many more, but they shall remain private. Ha ha ha :)


Diana said...

That family rocks, you should charge a membership fee! Happy Birthday Matthew!

Todd and Courtney said...

that's just awesome!! And Todd leaves diapers like that all the time. What's up with that? ha!

Jenn said...

LOL the age difference thing is funny. I often tease Nick about the fact that I'm older... by a whole 8.5 MONTHS! BUT I'm also born in a whole other DECADE, so I totally win. I was alive for 5 whole days of the '70's.
Jenn (V's mom)

Laura said...

My family loves playing games too! We haven't gotten to in quite awhile since we've had new babies around :)

JILL said...

You guys throw a great birthday bash!
(at least Lew wraps the diaper up into a diaper-bomb before leaving it on the floor...LOL)