Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At long last...Strawberry Sprite Cake

So for Matthew's birthday last week, he wanted a strawberry Sprite cake. Several of you have asked for the recipe.

Here's the short version: Mix one box of strawberry cake mix with a 12-ounce can of Sprite. (Use Sprite Zero for a diet version. This is actually a Weight Watchers recipe, but I don't know how many WW points it has per serving.) Cook for 25 to 30 minutes on 350 or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cut into squares. Top with Cool Whip (fat free if desired) and fresh strawberries. (We also used blueberries.)


It is literally that easy.

But in true Angela form, I had to take pictures.

So here is the long version.

Here are the only ingredients you need for the cake:

See my wall hanging? My good friend Stephanie gave it to me several months ago. (I typed it into my blog header as kind of the "theme" for my blog.) I remember at Benjamin's first birthday party, my younger brother Justin (always the cynic) looked at it, scoffed, and said, "What's up with the trite saying?" My older brother Michael (always the joker) put his hand on his shoulder and said, "That's why they're trite, Thor...they're true." (Don't ask about the's been around for years, courtesy of Michael, and it just stuck.)

So, you got it? TWO ingredients. Do not add anything else. No matter what the box says. You can use another brand of cake, but we are a Duncan Hines family. Like I said above, you can use regular Sprite or Sprite Zero. If you have a larger container (like a 20 oz or a 2-liter), just measure out 12 ounces.

We had 11 adults plus Andrew (who would live on cake if I'd let him) to serve, and because this cake doesn't rise, it doesn't go very far. So I made two.

Grease and flour your pans, just like you would with any cake. What? You don't do that. Well, you should.

Mix the Sprite with the dry cake mix and stir. It will be lumpy. Just get out as many lumps as you can but don't overmix.

Pour into the pan(s).

Let the birthday boy lick the bowl as he reluctantly agrees to let you take his picture for the blog he doesn't read unless you force him.

You need basically two other ingredients for the cake topping. Strawberries and Cool Whip. I used one pound per cake, so I picked up two containers of strawberries. Walmart's actually looked and tasted GREAT this time!

You will want to cut them up, top them with sugar, put them in the fridge, and let them make their own syrup. I did this only about six hours before we ate them and they were fine, but there wasn't a whole lot of that syrup. If you like them goopier, let them sit longer. If you don't like them goopy at all, just cut them right before you serve them.

Bake the cake(s) at 350 degrees. I cooked both cakes at once, and they were ready in 30 minutes. (Stick a toothpick in, and it should come out clean or *almost* clean. Don't overcook!!!!) So if you only cook one cake, check it at like 25 minutes just to be sure. Notice how the cake did not rise. It won't. I already told you that.

Because you use Cool Whip, you don't actually top it until you do your individual servings. That way everyone can use what they want. (Fat free Cool Whip, regular Cool Whip, strawberries, blueberries, etc.) My mom actually cuts up the cake and layers it in a parfait bowl with the strawberries and Cool Whip. So it can be pretty. But then you'd have to be sure everyone wanted the same thing and that it would all be eaten.

Here is the finished product. I cut the cake into 15 pieces, and each person started out with two pieces b/c they're so thin. Pardon the chipped bowl. :)

You think he's tired of my taking his picture? ;)

Happy 32nd Birthday, my sweets!


Anna said...

I am totally going to try one of these cakes!! I can actually have it since it's egg-free! Woo hoo!
Oh, PS- my blog's new URL is
I changed for a bit more privacy. The blog is the same! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

I am sooooo making this!

JILL said...

This recipe post is even better than I expected!

Shannon said...

thank you... and i love all the pics!!! i bought the cake mix, and i have some fresca, i wonder how that will taste? also, have you tried the frosting with the cool whip, and vanilla sugar free jello??? i did some googling while i was waiting for your recipe!!!

happy b-day to matthew!!!! and i love the sign in your kitchen!!!

you're the best!!!! keep the recipes coming!!!

heidi marie said...

happy birthday!! that cake looks delicious!!!

heartchild said...

We have done sprite cakes before but never with strawberry cake mix. I will have to try that for the strawberry lovers in my house. Thanks!

The Soldatke family said...

Yummy! I think I'll make one this weekend! My kiddos love strawberries!

Heather said...

this sounds and looks so good!! Can't wait to try it!! Thanks!

Allyson said...

Looks Yummo! I have tried chocolate cake mix and diet coke before and that turned out great but I never thought about strawberry cake and sprite! I will have to make this soon!

Miss Honey said...

Okay, I never heard of that before. Interesting. Does it taste like there is sprite in it? Looks good but knowing me, I love sweets.

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I will be making this tonight! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

jamie garcia said...

So you don't needs eggs or oil,water? Just sprite??

Angela said...

Jamie Garcia--nope! Just Sprite! That's all. Sprite and the cake mix. Like I said, b/c you don't add the other things, it doesn't rise very much, but that's why we add fruit and Cool Whip. :)