Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Timeline to go home!

It has been a great day!! We moved out of ICU at about 10:30 this morning. We are now on the sixth floor. I felt like singing the theme song to the Jeffersons! ("Movin' On Up! To the Sixth Floor!")

We had to move out of the RMH b/c we technically now have a room. (Uhhh..yeah. It's a pull-out couch that's *supposed* to be a double, but it is barely wider than a twin, by maybe two inches. It will be super interesting for both of us to be sleeping on this!!!) But I am not complaining. This is one step closer to going home. The finality of all of it is starting to hit me (plus the fatigue), and I am getting kind of emotional and weepy. :)

So we came upstairs and got him settled. Then we went to eat at a Chinese buffet. Yummmm!! It was truly the best egg-drop soup I've ever had! (Sadly, though, my favorite, the cheese wontons were quite lacking.....) We then went back to the RMH for the last time, packed up our stuff, cleaned our room, paid, and said good-bye! I'm such a girl. I'm sad to leave places (even the ICU) even though it's a good thing. We moved all our stuff upstairs, and here we are! I just did a load of laundry on the 5th floor, and we're hanging out waiting to eat dinner later.

The surgeon came in a few minutes ago and reviewed his progress. She said that he is most likely going to get his chest tube out tomorrow, and that we can (probably) go home on Thursday!! YAY!!!!! We've been here in Nashville now for a week, and it will be so nice to get to go home soon.

Benjamin is SUCH a sweetie today. He does not seem uncomfortable despite the fact that he hasn't had any pain meds today. He is *SO* close to giving me a smile!! He smiles with his eyes but has yet to give me a trademark Benjamin smile. They took him off his oxygen earlier today (and he seems to be faring well without it), so that nose tube is gone. Every time they take one tube or set of wires off, it's cause for rejoicing!!!

On a sad note, for those of you following Isaac's story (see my post about him on Monday), he passed away in his parents' arms after only 16 minutes. Stacy did get to hold him, as she wished, and the doctors said he was beautiful. I'm still waiting to read more on her blog as a friend updates it. Thank you for your prayers; they were not in vain. God's will isn't always the easiest nor is it the most comfortable. We don't always understand it, but we can rest assured that it is good and that He is good.

I am going to post some pictures later, so check back! :)


Erica said...

Another exciting day of progress! I can't wait to see some pictures. I will pray that Thursday holds true for you guys. I hope you are able to get some rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you and Matthew are seeing an end of this surgery trip for baby Benjamin. God has been right here with all of us as we live for the updates on Benjamin's progress. So very many people have been praying for you three! God has given you the calmness and strength to come through this well! Your dad and I have loved the chance to have Andrew here for the past week. We have lots of memories to talk about when he gets older; he couldn't be any cuter or more well-behaved! Thank you for bringing him up the right way so he is obedient with other adults. Every time we go somewhere, we see boys and girls who are not so good- and Andrew sure does notice it! He is so happy and content and will be more so when "Monnydaddybenjamin" get home. I love you, Mom

Stephanie said...

I have cried all day about Isaac. Thank you for making me laugh. I also have a fever? What in the world could I get while on all of these antibiotics? Who knows.

I think of you all the time.
I am so thankful for all the answered prayers and his improvement.

Tim and I laughed so hard at your mom's comment "mommydaddybenjamin"
because we still quote andrew from the time we had him in nursery.
He has GOT to be in sackloth and ashes by now missing you so much.
I am so glad he has your parents to love on him.
Love you guys so much~

Grace said...

That is fabulous news Angela!! I'm sure you're just aching to get home and back to Andrew. I am so proud at how well Benjamin has done throughout all of this - he certainly handled it all better than I ever could. I'm looking forward to some more pictures.

And my prayers are definitely with sweet Isaac and his parents. Truly heartbreaking.

Lindsey (BZ) said...

I'm so happy that you guys might be going home soon!! Benjamin is such a trooper. I'm sure Andrew is ready to see you all :)

And Isaac's story is amazing.

Katie said...

Angela - this is fantastic news!! I hope you get your smile from Benjamin soon! I can't wait to see new pics!

My heart has ached all day today for Stacy and Spencer. Thank you for sharing their wonder story with us!

Amber said...

*waits for pictures*
thought you might enjoy a sentence fragment.

Alicia said...

Praise the Lord!!! What wonderful news! I'm so glad that things are looking bright for Benjamin. Be sure to get some smiles on camera when he is able to let loose.

Thank you for sharing Stacy's blog about Isaac. I read it last night and have been grieving for the entire family all last night and today. All of you - your friends and your family - are in my prayers.

Amber said...

da dum dee dum...

Amber said...




Mary Jo said...

Ah yes but Amber isn't it nice to keep hitting refresh every 5 minutes for a "fun" reason rather than because we are worrying?

Angela -I'm just thrilled. He's such a fighter! And like I said earlier, he just decided to keep the visit to the hospital longer so mom and dad could have more opportunities to go out to eat alone together! Leaps and bounds baby, leaps and bounds... Benjamin Braveheart. Love ya - MJ

Amber said...

MJ, I feel that you are sassing me about now!

Have you been learning from your toddler? :)

JaybirdNWA said...

This is an answer to prayer. We have enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing of his steady progress. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Thanks also for letting us know about Isaac.