Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picture Post

It is 9 p.m. here in Nashville. We're in our hospital room on the sixth floor. We just ate a free dinner (provided by the Ronald McDonald Room here in the hospital) and some DELICIOUS homemade goodies HAND delivered today by Janice Passons from church (who was up here today with her husband). Benjamin is sleeping, well, like a baby. Matthew is watching the presidential debate (which is happening LIVE only blocks away, which is a really neat thought), and I just finished uploading some pictures from today! Ready? Okay, here we go!!

This morning in the PCICU, chillin' with his giraffe. (I think this giraffe came from my Aunt Eunice....is that right? Either way, he loves it!)

The poor giraffe's face is crusty now........

Two to three times a day, Benjamin gets chest percussions from a respiratory therapist. Basically, he/she pounds on his back with a chest mask. This is to loosen the gunk in and around his lungs. It is done for five long minutes. The good thing is that Benjamin LIKES it! In fact, last night, he was really inconsolable (I hate it when he cries and there's nothing I can do), and when Tia came in to do the chest percussions, he calmed down for the first time in thirty minutes and fell dead asleep. I asked Tia if she could come home with me. :) Anyway, here is Benjamin getting his chest percussions this morning.

Taking a quick snooze, his last one in the PCICU.

All packed up and ready to go upstairs!!!!!!!

The next two are of our room in the PCICU. Where I am standing is where the chair/bed is. The door to my right is the bathroom. (We did not sleep here but spent a lot of time here during the day.) The curtains to each side open to glass doors that are other patient rooms.

Here is where I almost broke into song. Movin' On Up!!! You can barely see the little guy amidst all his gear.

UPSTAIRS!!!!! Notice his oxygen is gone from his nose. He's doing well without it so far! How *cute* is it that he keeps lifting his legs up?!?!?!? I love it that we could bring his mobile from home. (Thanks, Mary Jo!!!)

Here's our new room!!

Passed out on the couch...err..bed. Okay. Here I am on the couch. It is not folded out in this picture. One person fits comfortably...(stay tuned)

Now it's folded out. I still fit comfortably. But...oh, wait. TWO of us have to sleep on this!!

Notice how two pillows don't even fit side-by-side!!! I'll update you tomorrow. LOL

There are few things as sweet as a sleeping baby. Especially mine. ;)

Okay, time to go!! Amber, I'm sure you'll now have purpose in life. :)


Erica said...

You are just too funny!!! That bed hummm lets just say I think Matthew better go get a sleeping bag! lol Despite the bed it looks like a very nice hospital.

Benjamin looks sooo good. Its nice to see him with a few less wires/tubes. Him picking up his legs is too cute. That seems to be all Andrew wants to do anymore. It makes diaper changes abit difficult though! lol

Fredericks Family said...

Benjamin looks amazing!!! That bed you have to share.. not so much! I know you'll have a hilarious post tomorrow morning about that! I am so happy he's doing so well.. Thanks so much for keeping us all so well updated with pictures and all!

Anonymous said...

Yes, his Aunt Eunice did give him the giraffe. It's wonderful to be able to see all these pics when we live so far away; it really tugs on my heart strings.

love to all, aunt ble

Amber said...

Listen, sister, enough of the sass!

Love to see the pics without oxygen tubes :)

We have the same giraffe...it was a big hit in our house, too!

"life you up" :o)

Sara said...

Nice bed. I bet you guys enjoyed it last night! :) I am so happy that he keeps "moving on up." I can't believe you might go home tomorrow!!!!