Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had a pretty good day today. Lots of good news, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I was able to breastfeed Benjamin four times today. Each time he got better and stronger. I only hope more wires are disconnected so it's easier on both of us.

There is still quite a bit of fluid in his chest cavity. You can hear it when he breathes sometimes, and he has a hard time coughing it up. They're not sure that his chest tube is draining well. The chest x-ray from 1 p.m. showed more fluid on the right side than the one at 6 a.m. They mentioned possibly having to reposition the tube if his output doesn't improve. They'll do another chest x-ray early tomorrow morning.

This may be the last night that both of us sleep here at the Ronald McDonald House. Benjamin may be moved to the floor tomorrow, which means that instead of having a nurse with him all the time (save leaving briefly to check on things or being right on the other side of the glass with the one other patient he/she is in charge of) here in the PCICU, he will simply have a nurse come check on him every four hours or so. So one of us will need to stay with him most of the time. It will be more work for us because as of now, we have both been able to leave to sleep or take nice, long meal breaks. But at least on the floor I'm pretty sure we can eat in his room and it'll be more private. The bed there will be more comfortable. We both could sleep there, but I think for now, one of us will most likely come back to the RMH to get better sleep. We'll probably trade off.

Well, it's late and I don't know what tomorrow holds. We'll most likely be in a hurry-up-and-wait mode, but that's okay. As long as baby boy is eating and sleeping and getting rid of that crud in his chest.

Don't forget to pray for Isaac. I know I can't stop thinking about them.

Good night!!


Stephanie said...

Love you guys! We prayed for Benjamin so much last night.
And Isaac too.

~heather~ said...

Great news! I bet your nurse will be in more often than 4 hours. And I love your new theme, it's really pretty!

Erica said...

What a great day!!!

Shari said...

Yeah for BREASTFEEDING!!!! I am so proud of you and Benjamin! You are doing such a great job. I am also trying to fix my face back after reading the blog about Isaac and his sweet, faith filled family. The things that your family and theirs are going through make my washer breaking silly to even worry about. Thanks for the reality check!

Love you guys,

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

Beautiful new page! and YEAH! for being able to nurse Benjamin! and a move to a different part of the hospital means that Benjamin is getting better! So yea! for that too- and hopefully his new nurses will be in to check on you often. Continuing to pray for all of you- and baby Isaac. Thanks for the updates! -Jenni

Amber said...

Thanks for the message :) Glad to hear you've moved!

April said...

My children and I have just looked at all the sweet pictures of Benjamin. We have cried and prayed for this special little boy.

I love the picture of him looking up at his favorite toy!! Really sweet.

I am Steph Blackiston's friend and met you in The Vine Sunday School class.

April Green and Family

Christia said...

LOVED the text message today! I'm praying for Benjamin. And for Isaac's family.