Thursday, September 25, 2008


Matthew just got back from taking Andrew to the doctor. I called her today and she said to bring Andrew in to do a strep test. Strep would have been a *good* thing b/c Benjamin is too young to get it. ain't strep. :(
He has red bumps on his throat and a fever. So he has a viral infection that will just have to run its course. Meanwhile, Benjamin absolutely CANNOT get sick or we'll have to postpone his surgery.
Please pray that Benjamin does not get sick, that Andrew gets better soon (for all our sakes...a crabby toddler is no fun) and that I do not go crazy trying to keep them separated. I think I've already washed my hands 30 times today. Ugh.


Christia said...

Oh man Angela! I'm praying that Benjamin doesn't get sick, and also that Andrew gets better quickly.

Queen said...


Amber said...

Andrew ...I hope you are feeling better buddy! Kisses for Benjamin AFTER Thursday!! :)

Praying he doesn't get a bit of whatever Andrew has!

Liz said...

I am a friend of Eunice's and got your blog address by way of prayer request for Benjamin.
I am praying for him.
Also, I notice you are a LPM siesta! Me too!
Hugs and prayers,