Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No weigh-in today and Andrew may be sick :(

Breastfeeding Support Group was cancelled today b/c the hospital is being remodeled. So I wasn't able to get a weight on Benjamin. We go see the urologist (about the penis issue) on Friday so we'll get a weight check then.

Today went fairly well. But when Andrew sat down to eat dinner, he just started crying. For no reason. It was pathetic. And I *knew*. When you're a momma bird, you just know. I took his temperature. 102.1. So sad. He made a through a bath but didn't want any dinner. My only consolation is that he wanted me to take him upstairs to put him to bed. ("Mommy, tell Daddy to stay downstairs.")

PLEASE pray that Benjamin does NOT get sick!! He cannot have his surgery next week if he is sick. We took his temperature and it was 98.3. So far, so good. I can only imagine how hard it is going to be to keep Andrew's germs at bay the next six days. UGH.

By the way, I made some pasta tonight. Let's just say I am not a wheat pasta kind of girl. That stuff was NASTY. Gimme my white stuff any day. :)


Elizabeth said...

aww Angela I hope that Andrew is not getting sick and if he is that he contains it to himself!

Amber said...

Oh NO! How is Andrew today?? Email me if you don't update :)

Prayers coming Benjamin's way...