Friday, September 26, 2008

Another day, another headache

Wow. Today was crazy. I'll try to update quickly b/c I need to feed Benjamin and put him to bed, but he's content in his bouncy seat right now with his duck, cow, and dinosaur. (Incidentally, the only stuffed animals that are officially "his" and not Andrew's--or passed down from Andrew.)

My friend Kristy was *going* to watch Andrew this morning (bless her..she has four children, homeschools two of them, and was already watching another friend's toddler, so she was willing to have six children ages 10 months to 11 years at her house) BUUUUUUT he is sick and still contagious so we scrapped that plan. So Matthew went into work at 5:30 and worked until about 8:00, when he came home so I could take Benjamin to Children's for his urology appointment.

On the way there we almost died as a black BMW 740iL had a total tire blowout right as you top the ridgecut and we all literally screeched our brakes to come to complete stops. I almost ran right into a Mustang. (I only mention the exact type of BMW b/c that's the *exact* same kind of car that Matthew used to DREAM of owning. He bought one (used) last September and had it about six months until he traded it for a 2007 Honda Accord. He's far too practical to own a BMW. The upkeep is so expensive. Oh, well, I wonder what *I* will buy for my midlife crisis? A new wardrobe? Hmmm....I have awhile to think about it.) ANYWAY (wordy much?) we made it to the doctor's and basically Benjamin does have a hypospadias (a second opening in his penis) but it is a very mild case and surgery would be no big deal. We don't even have to have it done b/c it won't interfere with function, but the doctor said it just makes sense to do it b/c insurance will pay for it and it's a 45-minute outpatient surgery. (Though they may keep Benjamin overnight b/c of his heart issues.) We go back in six months to the urologist to review our options.

I came home to a very fussy Andrew and a Matthew who was itching to get back to work. Thankfully, "work" today meant our office b/c he brought stuff home to work on. YAY!

Andrew has not had a fever all day (though I did give him some blue-raspberry Children's Advil b/c he was really crabby and irritable and I figured his throat may hurt. He's not quite old enough to tell me where he hurts unless it's a "boo boo.") so he's on the upswing. Ugh. I hate that phrase. But I just used it. It's official. I'm old. (Well, really, what made it official was that I watched "Coco Chanel," a Lifetime movie and really enjoyed it.)

The doctor said that he's not contagious once his fever has been gone for 24 hours, so we're almost there!!!!! It's waaaaaaaaay time to clean the house anyway, so I'll just go nuts with my Clorox Anywhere Spray and we should be good to go. Unless Benjamin picked up a germ and it's lying dormant for a couple of days. Ugh. Please pray it isn't!!!!

A special shout-out (holla!!!!) to my wonderful cousins Casandra and Philip who called and told us they were bringing us dinner tonight. See, Matthew, something good DID come from my blog!! They read it, sensed that I was going loco, and came to help. Everyone knows that "help" to me = FOOD! So they brought us some muy delicioso (I really don't know what is up with all the Spanish tonight) fajitas (ah, there it is) and chips/salsa from Chili's. Plus, the best part..the gift that keeps on giving (twelve times anyway)...a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper. Ahhh....I'm really trying to convince myself that I already had one and I do NOT need another one.

Okay. That was not quick. But it was fun. And after the week I've had, fun is more important than feeding my child. Oh, wait. That's not what I meant..... :)

I'll try to post some cute pictures tomorrow. If you're lucky.


Amber said...

YAY!! Stay healthy little man...Five more days until you're a new man!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Angela, thanks for coming over to Writer Chic to visit. Feel free to add me to your roll, and I promise to come back and waste nursing and dish time to read up on you, too! )

Stephanie said...

Oh, Angela. I am so sorry about your day. I know your nerves were shot.
I want to be lucky and see pictures!
You're awesome!!

ps I am always really nervous I am going to mispell something in my comment to you or on my blog.
You can always tell me what I have mispelled when you see it. :)

Anonymous said...

Angela, we are praying for you this week.
Also, I am old too because I watched the same movie on Lifetime too and loved it-ha! Selena
P.S. We've missed you in our Tuesday night bible study. Maybe when things slow down you can come back and visit for a night.

~heather~ said...

One more day of a healthy baby~! One more day closer to a new heart! I hope the weekend is easy on you guys, I've been thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sweetie! I'm so sorry you've had such stress. Just remember to take care of you, too. You know how much I love you. I have reached out to our church and community and I know they have you in their prayers. Love you, Eunice