Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures as promised

Here they are! Hope you have time. :)

Andrew and Benjamin before Andrew was "banned" from being close to him. LOL

The next few pictures are of my mom's school's Fall Festival. Andrew was too young for most things but had fun nonetheless.

Taking off shoes to go through the obstacle course.

About to get pummeled by elementary-aged children.

Going up the stairs for the giant slide. (This is right after a mini-tantrum b/c he wanted to walk around on the grass with just his socks AND he didn't want to wait his turn...ahh, the joys of toddlerhood.)

Going down the preferred way b/c he's too chicken..err...cautious to go down like normal kids.

We probably shouldn't have told him that this was a "Cake Walk" because though we went twice, we did not, in fact, get to eat cake. Oops.

Fishing for prizes....

And look what we caught!

Ah, yes, the quintessential hayride.

My smiley boy. I fear it will be many days post-surgery that I get these sweet smiles, so I'm getting as many as I can and snapping lots of pictures.

Look what he can do!! He's propped up in the corner of the pack-n-play. Granted, he needs lots of blankets and doesn't last long before he tumbles over, but it's something!

Ooh, ooh, another "new" thing!! With the help (again) of those blankets, he can now spend a little bit of time in his exersaucer. I gotta be honest, while I'm very glad he can now do these things, it still stings just a little bit that he's five months old and just now able to do these things...with assistance. Letting go of that "norm" is something I think I will always be doing.

Big smiles. I think he looks like my baby pictures in this shot.

Staring intently at the toys. He was turning them!!

Taking a breather.

My silly boy. We went upstairs to take Benjamin's five-month pictures in the chair. I told Andrew we would take some pictures of him, too. So he grabbed a rubber duck and the top of the Curious George bath bubbles and ran into the room, saying, "CHEESE!!!!!"

Another "cheese" moment. (George and the duck have been forgotten and are behind him.)

FIVE MONTHS!! He kept wanting to lift his legs.

I took this one mainly to get a good "pre-surgery, pre-scar" chest shot, but LOOK at this adorable smile!!!!!! He melts my heart.

I "caught" Andrew reading a book. :)

Thanks for looking!! We only have three more days before we leave for Nashville. Here is our plan:

Today--clean the house
Tuesday--leave after Matthew gets off work
Wednesday--We have a pre-op appointment at 8 a.m.
Thursday--surgery (time TBA)



Christia said...

Angela, I love the pictures of your little men! I am praying hard for little Benjamin! Hugs!

Amber said...

I LOVE the smiley pictures!!

Branton Family said...

Love the pictures! Zach sits or lies down with his legs up as well. So cute!

Alicia said...

Angela, I got your blog through MEMs. I hope you don't mind if I attach the link to your blog to mine. I'd like to stay updated. I had no idea what all you were dealing with Benjamin. I'll be praying.

Christina said...

Great pictures! You have really cute kids!!

Stephanie said...

I wish we could come pray for you and over Benjamin before you go.
Please email me and tell me if Tim and I could come for 10 minutes before you leave. Otherwise, we will be praying here.
He is such an angel baby. He is so beautiful. I JUST LOVE THE SMILE pictures!!!
Also, we would love to have Andrew over while you are gone. Your parents could bring him if they get bored.

Lindsey Erickson said...

Adorable pictures, Angela! I love the smiles! We are praying for your time in Nashville. Much love.

~heather~ said...

I'm praying for you guys! I've been thinking about Benjamin all weekend. What a sweet sweet boy!

Alicia Brinkley said...

I will be praying for you, your husband, and sweet baby. God is good and will see you through!
Alicia Brinkley

Stephanie said...

I can't stop coming and looking at SWEET BABY BENJAMIN!! What a little heartbreaker! He is so precious.
We are praying.
Love you guys!

Amber said...

Stop changing your layout and get packing!! LOL :)