Monday, August 18, 2008

We have a date!!!!!

I was so thrilled to see the word "Vanderbilt" on my caller ID today!!!

Benjamin's open-heart surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, October 2. (Which, incidentally is my dad's birthday.) We have to be at the hospital on Wednesday, October 1, at 9:00 a.m. We'll meet the surgeon, take a tour, etc., and they'll run some tests on Benjamin. He will not be admitted until the morning of the 2nd. We are now on the waiting list at the Ronald McDonald House for Tuesday, September 30, since we have to be there so early on Wednesday. Benjamin will stay with us the first two nights. If there is room for us at the RMH, we will stay there until Benjamin is discharged. (One of us can still sleep in his room with him once he's put on the PICU floor.) Carolyn, the lady who called, said that unless there are complications (please pray that there aren't any!!), we should only be there three or four DAYS! Wow.

We have an appointment with our cardiologist next Monday, and we plan to ask him some more questions (like how much can we travel in between now and then, as we have Labor Day reservations and a family wedding in mid-September in VA) and get some more specific details.

Thank you for praying!!!! Here are some cute pictures from this past weekend.


Jenni said...

Hi Angela,
I'm not sure who's blog I got here from-(Maybe I found you from Stephanie's?) but I come and check-in often to see how you are all doing. I enjoy your updates, and I am glad to hear that things are proceeding. We will be praying for your beautiful family, and will continue to stop by! Take care and God Bless You!

Lora Leigh Brown said...

Yay for a date! I know you are happy to finally know! You will love the RMH in Nashville!

JaybirdNWA said...

My wife and I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photo's (close to home for us). We were really struck by the facial similarities in Benjamin and our John. We will begin to pray that surgery is successful and that He will provide a way for your family to be close to him during this time. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Stephanie said...

Hey girl!
I am so happy you can start planning and the unknown is becoming a little more known.
He is a "lamp" unto our feet- sometimes I wish it were more but I am so thankful for his perfect illuminating of our paths.
Love you guys.
Benjamin is so beautiful.