Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in (8/13)

YAY! Benjamin gained 3.4 ounces this week. Even though this is below average, it's very good considering the previous two weeks he pretty much didn't gain anything. And when he ate this week at the support group, he gained four ounces. Great job, Benjamin!!

His head is looking a million times better!! The eczema on his torso is looking a little better. I need to bathe him (and lotion him) more often.... I did buy some new detergent for his clothes (Tide Free) so hopefully that will help, too.

Benjamin had his monthly PT (physical therapy) this morning. He did *really* well!! She was very impressed with his muscle tone and said he is right on target. That's my boy!!

I am so tired these days! I know, it's my fault b/c I stay up ridiculously late (12 or 1) watching the Olympics and then pay for it later. I can't help it!! It's only on every two years. I love it.

Time to feed Benjamin and entertain Andrew. Still no word from Vanderbilt. If we haven't heard from them by Monday, we are supposed to call our cardiologist to see if he can look into it.

Have a great day, everyone. It's almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!


Amber said...

YAY for weight gain!
Love reading the updates.

~heather~ said...

Yay, that's awesome news! I just saw a picture you posted of the two boys and I thought that Benjamin and he doesn't look like a newborn, it's going so fast! I hope you hear from V soon. Go to bed, girl! I'll spoil it for you...Michael Phelps wins.

Mary Jo said...

LOL I've been staying up late watching gymnastics, especially since John isn't here to give me the evil eye for not being in bed before 11pm.
Sorry you haven't heard from V yet - hopefully today. I'm sure the waiting is hard.

Stephanie said...

YIPEEE about the weight gain!
Lake has horrible eczema and allergies. I have piles of lotion If you want me to bring you some, let me know and I will bring it Sunday.