Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo Friday

Well, I *think* we are all well now. My throat feels better today, thankfully. Both boys (well, all three) are doing fine, too.
Here are Andrew and Benjamin today.


Stephanie said...

I am so glad you are all doing better.
The boys look so cute and SO loved.

~heather~ said...

Such cutie patooties! I love the pic of Andrew with his friends.

thisismamashouse said...

Love the blue blanket...Nathan has the same one in yellow (dingy yellow now, since he drags it everywhere with him).

Does Andrew have an obsession with beanie babies too? If so, then he is even more like Neilson than we thought!! Neilson has at least a hundred of them now, calls them his friends, and knows all of their names.

Branton Family said...

Your boys are adorable. Love Benjamin's onesie. . .best laugh I have had all day! Amy

Jenn said...

I went back and read a few days to see what's been up in your house - Man you guys have been sick - Not fun at all. I hope you are all feeling better FAST. I had it in july and it sucked - but at least none of the kids got it. Hung on for 2 weeks - and I'm finally feeling great. Loved seeing all your pictures. Both your boys are so cute - and I'm so happy that Benjamin has been a smiley happy easy going baby - Nice to have those.
I hope he reaches the magic 12 lbs soon and that all goes well with his surgery.