Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in (7/30)

Well, Benjamin did not do that great this week. Last week, after two weeks of not doing horribly great (2.9 and 3.4 ounces), he did wonderfully, with a gain of 6.2 ounces. (You're looking for a 5-8 ounce gain per week.) Ummm....yeah. This week he gained 0.4 ounce. He is now 11 lbs, 8.1 ounces, up from 11 lbs, 7.7 ounces last week. Nothing has really changed except that his heart is getting bigger and the strain of having to work so hard to keep the blood pumping is making it hard for the calories he takes in to go toward weight gain. The calories are too busy trying to make his heart work.

I think I now understand why Dr. Herold wanted to go ahead and get the ball rolling on surgery. He mentioned awhile back that many times, babies waiting for heart surgery will plateau on their weight. The "magic" weight is 12 pounds, and we *might* get there before surgery! (Of course, babies of all weights have surgeries, but for how difficult it is on them, the surgeons like them as large as they can get!)

As far as an update on us, Matthew is feeling achy in his joints and I am starting to feel my usual "nighttime sickness." In fact today I have a new symptom--a sore throat. My temperature is nearing 100 and if it happens like the previous two nights, it'll just keep going up. We both just took some Aleve. Hey, at least the sickness has mainly been in the evenings and at night after the boys have gone to bed. I feel so bad there's no way I could function during the day with both of them if I felt like this then.

Matthew and Andrew are upstairs playing in the bonus room. Benjamin is sleeping. I am sitting here at the kitchen table actually enjoying the noise of the dishwasher running. Hey, at least the dishwasher doesn't need me to do anything for it.

It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures. Sorry. Been kinda feverish.

These first two are of sometime last week. Daddy and the Boy going out to get the mail in the rain. It's been raining a lot here in the afternoons lately.

Here is Benjamin's three month picture. He still can't sit up very well by himself, but we're getting there. be a toddler with OCD....

Today was the first day that I moved Andrew out of the high chair!! There really was no reason to--he does just fine in the high chair. I just thought it might help him eat better, and it did! He ate pretty well today. (He is a horribly picky and tempermental eater--drives us NUTS!)

That's all for now! Thanks for all the prayers. They're totally appreciated. :)


Amber said...

Get well prayers sent your way, Amicks!

I hope you find out something soon about Benjamin's surgery. It will be such a relief when he's healed and back home, growing every day and learning to torture his older brother :)

Branton Family said...

Angela, I first want to say thank you for your comments and encouragement through our blog. I so appreciate it! Now that we are home, I have more time to catch up with other "heart babies" and start praying. I would love to pray for Benjamin and include his link on our blog. I have read through a few of your postings on your blog and you have such a sweet family! I didn't catch what Benjamin's heart defect is, and would love to know to pray more specifically. You can email me at or just continue posting on our blog. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement! Amy

Stephanie said...

thanks for the update. I am so glad you have good doctors telling you what is happening. I am also glad the ball is rolling.
You are amazing, Angela. I hope are feeling completely better!!!
Cute umbrella pictures.

Christia said...

I really hope that Benjamin gains more weight before his surgery. He is such a cutie!

And I honestly can't believe that Andrew is out of the high chair ;) Cute pics!

I need to mosey over to BZ!