Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ugh! And a great cardiologist appt!!

Okay, so I felt pretty normal allllll day yesterday. And then last night, at about 8:00 I started feeling bad again. By 9:30 I was feeling horrible again, with a 101 fever, the chills, achiness, etc. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Today I have a slight headache again but the fever is gone. What is going on?? Matthew even said he felt achy yesterday but felt better after taking some Aleve.

Yesterday at the cardiologist we had a good appointment! Benjamin hadn't gained a ton of weight in three weeks, but is still doing well. The doctor said that since he was pretty big (about 11 1/2 pounds) and his x-rays hadn't really changed that much, that he was going to go ahead and send all the paperwork up to Vanderbilt this week!!!! Which means that the surgeons up there will look at it, assess what needs to be done (and how soon), and they will call us with a surgery date! We should hear back from them in the next three weeks, and the surgery *may* be three to four weeks after that. (So possibly mid to late September?) We will definitely keep you posted!

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thisismamashouse said...

Angela, that sounds exactly like what I had a couple of weeks ago. I would feel fine all day, and then at night start getting achy and feverish. Blah. The good news is it only lasted a couple of days. Weirdness!