Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Friday & Andrew update

Andrew seems to be doing okay today. His temperature was normal this morning, and he slept all night. However, right before his nap just now, his temperature was back up to 100.9. He is still whiney and has a short circuit. It's hard to know if that's because he's sick or he's two. :)

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of the week!

I *knew* he liked cheese! Naturally, he likes the messiest kind there is--shredded. At least he's still pretty neat; look how he hovers over the plate so he doesn't drop it. That's my boy!

We busted out the lowercase letters to go on his Leap Frog Word Whammer. It was like Christmas! Now we have 52 letters to get lost instead of just 26.

This is Benjamin's blanket. It's very soft and is perfect for floor time. He is now rolling over from his back to his stomach. Almost every time. He forgot how to go the other way, though, and his neck support isn't that great. So he'll roll over onto his stomach and then squirm and scream b/c he can't breathe very well.

Sweet, sweet boy.

Ceiling-fan shot. (AKA mommy standing on the arm of the couch) Notice the blue blanket. That's Andrew's. Benjamin has a blanket, so Andrew has to have one, too. He even likes for me to do the same physical therapy with him as I do with Benjamin. ("Okay, Andrew, raise your arms alllll the way up! Come on! Good job, Andrew!")

He is always smiley and chatty after he eats. I love it. Especially b/c Andrew was always still screaming and spitting up. This happy baby thing is new for me. :)

Thanks for looking!! I hope you all have a great weekend. Hopefully whatever Andrew is fighting will just go away without spreading to Benjamin or causing Andrew any more symptoms. Knock on wood--he's never had an ear infection or really been sick, save an occasional bout of diarrhea or a random throw-up. God has spared us any of that. Guess He was letting us save up for Benjamin's open-heart surgery, LOL!!!!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Andrew seems to be on an "up-swing". I called everyone & let them know about the change on Sat.

Love, meliss cate

thisismamashouse said...

Angela, my boys LOVE love love shredded cheese. When Neilson visited my mom when he was 4 he kept asking her for "L-cheese"...she had to call me to find out what it was!! I told her DUH it's cheese shaped like an L, lol!!

Stephanie said...

I hope everybody is doing good. I saw you at church.
Much love from our family~~~~

Christia said...

I really love seeing pictures of your boys! They are so cute and sweet! Benjamin is such a doll, I LOVE him!