Thursday, July 24, 2008

Andrew is sick

Please pray for our little guy. He was rather fussy today (more than usual, anyway) and woke up from his nap with flushed cheeks and feeling kind of warm. I felt him a little while later and he seemed to feel okay. While he was taking his bath, Andrew just seemed to break down and was crying at the drop of a hat. As I stood him up to wash him, he was shivering. He just kept crying and yawning, yawning and crying. While I was reading to him before bed, he literally almost fell asleep on me. This *never* happens, as he takes up to an hour to fall asleep in his crib, talking and playing. I felt him again and he was burning up. Turns out his fever is 102.1. Oops. I went to give him some medicine and realized that not only did it expire in December (oh well--it won't kill him), but that all I have is Infant Motrin. But since it says up to 23 pounds and Andrew is barely 26, I gave him a little more than the top dose and put him in bed where he fell asleep immediately. Wow.

The true prayer request here isn't just for Andrew, but for Benjamin. We don't know what Andrew "has," but anything that he may pass along to Benjamin could be really bad, considering his heart defects. Even a fever could put him in the hospital. So please pray that I am able to keep Andrew away from his little brother. Just as a precaution, after I scrubbed my hands with soap and hot water, I took Benjamin's temperature, but (thank God) it was only 98.3.

It's been a long and trying week, even though I feel strangely okay about it. Matthew is in a busy time at work right now. He had to work SUPER late Tuesday night (he crawled in bed at 3:18 a.m.) and today, he had to work a full day of work, come home, mow the lawn, and then go back to work for a few hours. (He had to specifically be there at 7:30 for some thing they're doing on a program; they had to do it at this time so everyone was gone and they could shut down the system or something like that. He should be home at 10:30 or so.) Thankfully, only one more day until the weekend. I only hope we are all well. Unfortunately, we were supposed to have a get-together with some friends from Sunday School at our house on Saturday, but I've had to cancel that. I really just can't take any chances. Andrew seems like he's at the beginning of this, and I just want the sickness GONE!


Christia said...

Angela I am definitely praying that Benjamin doesn't get sick! I also pray that Andrew gets better QUICK, and that the fever was a totally random thing! Hugs!

Stephanie said...