Monday, July 28, 2008


You know that moment when you just *know* you're sick? I suppose it manifests itself differently for everyone, but for me, a chronic knuckle-popper (sorry, Dad), I know I'm sick when my knuckles hurt when they're popped.

First, a quick update. Andrew continues to have a fever but seems to be feeling fine. He and Matthew stayed home from church on Sunday while Benjamin and I went by ourselves. Today, Benjamin seemed extra fussy and wasn't eating or sleeping well. I took his temperature at about noon, and it was 99.3. I gave him some Tylenol and later (at about 7:00), it was 98.3. He has no other symptoms (other than a persistent runny left eye, but that's been like that for about three weeks), so I think he's okay for now. We go to see the cardiologist tomorrow anyway.

And then today, alllll day I have just been super tired (even though I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night) and my head has been throbbing. Tonight, I got up off the floor (where I was practicing the nightly Amick ritual of picking up toys) and I just felt it. That soreness and achiness. Where my eyes hurt in their sockets and my bones and joints hurt.

Please pray that we are NOT getting sick!!!!!!!

On a side note, my younger brother and my younger cousins (plus my older sister-in-law but she doesn't have a newborn) are going to Six Flags tomorrow. I'm so sad that I cannot go b/c I have a baby that won't take a bottle!! I mean, I know it's part of being a mom, but waaaaaa....... I *LOVE* Six Flags!!! :(

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Stephanie said...

Praying big time! Those aches are what have about sent me over the edge with my issues. I know how hard that is to be a mom and deal with.
Praying a tall hedge aroung your sweet baby.
ps I need your cell number. I dont' have a phone number for you anymore!