Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disney Half

As you can see from the pictures below, Matthew and I had a FANTASTIC time at Disney World earlier this month.

Here's a quick recap: We left at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and drove for several hours until we stopped to sleep for a couple of hours at a rest area.

We hit the ground running on Thursday, hopping from Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom, enjoying a late lunch at Tusker House. We then went to the Expo and picked up our race packets.

Matthew ran the 5K on Friday morning, and then we busted it UP at Universal Studios. I love being there w/out kids so we can ride the fast rides over and over.

We got up SUPER early Saturday. Like 3:20 a.m. early. We were almost late to the race b/c of the crazy traffic. Even at 4:30 in the morning. Matthew ran the half marathon as an Achilles guide, racing alongside an injured Iraq veteran. I ran the half marathon with me, myself, and I. It started out slowly b/c of alllll the people (22,000 finishers in the half). But then my pace picked up a little and I was feeling good. I ran the race hard. At about mile 9 or 10 I was feeling it. I always want to stop at mile 10. I wish half marathons were only 10 miles!!!

For the next three miles, I put mind over matter. One foot in front of the other. I was not particularly enjoying myself, but I knew I would be glad I did it. It was hard. Dang hard.

But I did it!! And I did it faster than my last half marathon. On December 11, 2011, I ran my first half marathon in 2:27:14. On January 7, 2012, I ran my second half marathon in 2:26:18.

After that, we spent the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom, where I ate a big, fat burger, and we ended up sitting RIGHT next to Trista & Ryan from The Bachelorette! I was very star struck!!

Matthew got up super early again the very next day and ran the full marathon. He wasn't sure how he'd do after running the 5K on Friday and the half on Saturday (albeit in 1:55, slower than his normal pace b/c he was an Achilles guide). But he KILLED IT!! He ran the entire thing, and set a personal record--finishing in
3:28:47! We spent the day in Islands of Adventure and had lots of Butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Don't worry, Dad, it's nonalcoholic.) ;)

Monday we woke up and spent our last day in Magic Kingdom again. I think I could live there. Running through Cinderella's Castle on Saturday brought tears to my eyes; it was seriously SO magical. *sniff*

We went back to the hotel at about 5 p.m., packed up, and left at 9 p.m. for home, driving all night.

Matthew had to go to Knoxville the very next day for a meeting, and I was full-on in charge of the kids again.

Yeah, Tuesday was *rough*. But oh-so-very worth it.

Since getting home, Thomas has had surgery (2nd set of tubes and adenoids removed). I had to do it alone b/c Matthew was out of town. Thankfully my mom watched Benjamin (Andrew was at school). Recovery has been hard, but he's finally feeling almost completely back to normal.

Which is great b/c early this Friday morning, we're leaving on a jet plane. Matthew, Andrew, and I are flying out to California until Monday. Andrew will get to fly on an airplane for the very first time, and Matthew and I are running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon on Sunday. (If you want to track us, click here: http://www.xacte.com/templates/disney/tinkerbell/) We're staying with my good friend, Sara, and we're so excited about the trip!!

I am, however, a little nervous about the race. My last run was painful. My left hamstring (or maybe the tendon behind my knee?) is hurting and I just felt spent. I was supposed to do 8.5 miles and I pooped-out after 3.1. I've missed a couple of runs here and there b/c of weather, Matthew's travel, and honestly, lack of will. So I'm worried.

My goal for this half is just to ENJOY it. I cannot set a PR (personal record) at every race. I just can't. So while I did 2:27 and 2:26, my real goal is to finish under 2:30. I'd really like all my half marathons to be under 2:30. But I am not going to let it bug me too much if I'm slower.

So here are the pictures!!!

Haha--had to end it on a sad one. Don't worry--he feels much better now.


OH! Don't forget! If you're interested in sponsoring me in next month's local charity half marathon, you can click here: http://www.active.com/donate/SpecialOlympics2012/AAmick3


Aishlea and Brandon said...

You are awesome! :)

Hope you have a fun trip this weekend and do great at the race!! Hope your hamstring feels great, too!

Monica said...

I just dropped by to see if you were still blogging and WOW! Aren't you impressive?! I am not a great runner, but really want to get myself on track. Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a blast in Cali! Glad your sick little man is on the mend. :)