Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Eve to Me

Tomorrow is my birthday.

March 14.

I will be 34 years old.

That's PDO.

Pretty Dang Old.

Not to be confused with PYT by Michael Jackson.

Things I do are rarely confused with songs by Michael Jackson.

Except for maybe Beat It.

I'd like to say that to my kids sometimes.

Wouldn't that be nice? Your kid is talking to you and you say, "Beat it! Beat it! No one wants to be defeated!"


Okay. Never mind.

So I've proven I'm senile. I'm almost 34, you know.

Today I am having a birthday party at my house for my family members. Sadly, we cannot go to Provino's tomorrow like we usually do because my adoring husband will be leaving on a jet plane (really just a regular plane, I was just being dramatic) for yet another business trip.

It's beginning to look a lot like Busy Season. Evvvverywhere you go....

I am making my own birthday cake for my party.

By choice.

No one can rock out a chocolate cake like I can, and so if I want the best, I have to make it myself.

It's a small price to pay for a pan of goodness.

We're also getting pizza. Don't be jealous. I'm sure I'll have the weight gain to make up for the tastiness.

After all, everybody knows your metabolism slows waaay down at 30 anyway.


DeAnna said...

Wait until you are staring down the barrel of 37. I know age is just a number, but when I turn 40 I am going to cry for days. No one throws "mom" a party anymore!

Lisa said...

I hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday!

Exactly one month after you, I turn 44. That is 10 years older than you. I doubt you call me old (at least to my face LOL). So at 34 you are still a baby.


My name is Sarah said...

Happy Birthday. My mom says you are a pyt:)

JILL said...

I get a party every year, DeAnna! And I'm over 40. Ha. And... my Mommy bakes my favorite cake. mmm.... cake!!!

I used to feel 100% that a Birthday Person should make their own cake, but I hear of so many people having to do so that I think it might not be the trauma I once felt it was. You can't all be lucky enough to have your birthday 2 days after Christmas like mine and therefore you are always at your Mom's house for the day! In 42 years, I have never once had to be at school or work on my birthday. Big plus to being so close to Jesus' birthday!

Pizza nad chocolate cake sounds perfect! Happy 34th Birthday, Anglea!!!!

tarynddavidson said...

first... the song, by The Cranberries, is soooooo "You've Got Mail" and I have watched You've Got Mail 4 times in one day. Yes. I am addicted. My fave of all time.

second... you are only as old as you feel. I will be 34 in October and I feel 84 some days and 14 some days ... so basically that is an average of 49.

thirdly... you are required by law to send me a piece of the chocolate cake.

Happy day of birth~~ in case I forget tomorrow :)

Angela said...

I gotta stop reading birthday posts always make me hungry for cake LOL!

Happy Birthday!

JILL said...

Oops - I type-o-ed. I used to feel 100% that a Birthday Person should NOT have to bake their own cake!