Friday, January 28, 2011

Funny Andrew story and a Benjamin update

Andrew had a cereal bar to eat. It was on his plate, and part of it had broken off and separated itself from the rest of the bar.

I reminded him, “Andrew, you need to eat your food.”

He looked down and noticed that the bar was broken. And here is what he said:

“Oh, dear, this is broken off. But please don’t tell me it’s okay because I’m getting worn out from you telling me that so much.”

HAHAHAHAHA!! I just busted out laughing. And I said, “Okay. I just won’t say anything.” He smiled coyly and put the broken piece in his mouth.

Benjamin is back home after three doctor’s visits in 3 days. Plus two blood draws, one x-ray, and three shots in his butt. His WBC went from 23.8 yesterday at 4:45 p.m. to 11 at 9:45 a.m. today. (Normal is 5-15.) So that is very encouraging that the medicine in the shots is doing its job, but sadly, he is not feeling any better. The strep and the pneumonia have kicked his butt but thankfully did not put him in the hospital. Many times pneumonia means instant hospitalization. But he is still miserably whiny and cranky and needy. Sadly, though, he doesn't understand me when I tell him I have to leave the room to go feed or take care of Andrew or Thomas. Not that it would matter if he understood me. He needs me. Thankfully Matthew was able to work from home this morning while I took B to the doctor, but he had to rush off to work when I got home. He should be home by 5:00, though, and then be home all weekend.

I have to take Benjamin back to the doctor tomorrow morning to let the doctor listen to his lungs. Thankfully, though, he will not have to have another blood draw or shot. He'll go back for another chest x-ray in about 10 days.

He was supposed to have his big preschool evaluation this morning (to determine his IEP for those of you who know what that means) b/c he starts school April 25. But we thankfully were able to postpone it two weeks.

I just hope he starts feeling better, and I am so glad he is no longer contagious from the strep. Even so, he's been holed up in our bedroom. Which is where I'd love to be, but I have cereal bar disasters to solve (or not solve) and bottles to give to TPB, who, by the way, is still being treated for a double ear infection but is as smiley as can be.

Good thing.

This place needs some bright sunshine.


Verna said...

Sorry to hear that the little ones have been sick. I am sure it has kept you jumping and on the run even more then normal.

Hopefully everybody will be on the mend and feel better soon, and you can have a wonderful week end.

amick777 said...

B is really pathetic right now, that's for sure. I do wish we could give him more 1-on-1 attention. Hopefully we can do that this weekend.

One thing's for sure, he needs to feel better by tomorrow evening, 'cause we got some Bonefish to grill!!

I love it that Thomas is so smiley and cute, but it really makes it difficult to tell when he is sick. I'm very glad you realized earlier this week that you needed to take him to the doctor! You're a good mom!!

JILL said...

Poor B! Poor TPB for his ears! Poor Andrew for his broken cereal bar! And poor Mom & Dad for the stress of 2 sick kiddos!!

I wish I was closer - I'd at least be able to take Andrew and get you down to 2. The twins would love having an extra buddy around! Especially one who loves cereal bars and thinks like a 15 year old! He's fit right in here!!
I'll say something really sappy like "Hang in there!" and you can think "bite me!" in your head, OK? ;-)

Katy said...

Hi Angela! Good to "meet" you too!! Loving your blog, right back at ya!! :-)

p.s. - I'm guessing youre the same gal Lauren was talking about doing the disney 5K ontwitter?? :-)

Katy said...

p.s. praying your little man gets better QUICK.

Meg said...

Hope your little guy gets well soon. Being sick is never fun for anyone.

I gave you an award on my blog.