Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thomas update

This video pretty much says it all. Thomas is wonderful. He is happy and sweet and calm and, well, just perfect! He naps well and eats well and is my first baby not to be on reflux medicine (yet).

He will be five months old tomorrow, August 25. He weighs about 16 1/2 pounds. I don't know how long he is right now, but he's long. The only problem we've had so far is that my milk supply is starting to dwindle, and I had to rent a baby scale from the hospital this week to see exactly how much breastmilk he's getting when he nurses. So far, he gets enough at some feedings but not at others. At those times, I warm up some breastmilk that's been in the fridge or freezer. My milk supply doesn't usually last that long, so this was to be expected.

He is now rolling over from back to front regularly and will from front to back sometimes. Staying on his tummy usually results in a lot spit-up, so we have boxes of wipes strategically placed all over the house.

He is best at smiling and laughing and sleeping alllllllllllllll night. Like 12 hours. LOVE IT.

And so, without further ado (or rambling), here are some pictures.

His four-month rocking chair picture. (We'll take the five-month picture tomorrow!)

No, I would never let my infant watch television! Not me! ;)

Tummy time gone wrong

My sweet baby and me after church on Sunday.

My next post will be chock-full of pictures and videos of the boys interacting with each other. Kind of a peek into what my day looks like. :)


Gisela said...

Adorable little guy!

JILL said...

He is totally watching TV! Love it! Wow - 12 hours is awesome!!! Can't wait to see some videos of the 3 in action.

He is too cute, you know!