Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Andrew update

Before I update you about Andrew, I forgot to tell you Benjamin's stats in my last post.

Benjamin is two years and four months old. He weighs just over 24 pounds. He wears clothes that range from 12-18 months to 2T.

Now I shall update you about my oldest son.

Andrew is four years and five months old. He weighs about 36 pounds, and is super tall. He wears size 2T and 3T shorts and 3T and 4T shirts.

He Never. Stops. Talking.

And he's very loud.

Not kidding.

But he does great playing independently. He has a vivid imagination. He loves to watch "The Incredibles" and "Kipper," a cartoon about a British dog and his friends. He acts out entire Kipper episodes in his bed when he first wakes up. In fact, he watches so much Kipper that he seriously speaks with a British accent about 70% of the time. It's flippin' adorable.

He can read. Which isn't all that surprising, considering he knew his ABCs in order and by recognition at 21 months. He is just so smart, and I love that about him. Although his OCD tendencies and attention to precise detail can sometimes be aggravating. (Gee, I wonder where he gets that? Hmmm...from both his parents?)

He will start kindergarten next fall. He went to preschool last year a couple of days a week, but we decided just to keep him home this year. The main reason was that in order for me to drop him off in the mornings, it would disrupt Thomas's morning nap, and in order to pick him up in the afternoons, I would have to wake both of the younger boys from their afternoon naps. That just isn't worth it to me.

And now here are some pictures of just Andrew. More "group" pics to come.

I just love him!

He no longer naps, but if he's in the car/van for longer than 15 min from the hours of 1-6, he is usually out.

Holding a live chicken at Ellie's 2nd birthday party.


After all that fun with a real-live petting zoo, Andrew's favorite part of the party (which he told me later) was playing in the little house with Ellie. He and Ellie get along better than he and Emma do, and Emma is four. But that's just how it goes, I suppose. Emma is kind of a drama queen, and Ellie is more laid back. Plus she likes to play trucks. It makes me sad sometimes to see them get along so well. Benjamin is a couple of months older than she is, and it is kind of bittersweet to see a "normal" two-year difference.

Oatmeal Creme Pie on his face, Kipper on the TV, and visual evidence that he has orthodontia in his future.

A Thomas update soon, and then lots of pictures of all my boys together.


Kara said...

So cute! And thank you for the Debbie Gibson as I read. lol!

Todd and Courtney said...

You have some incredibly cute kids. I like you and Diana's facial expression in those pictures, haha!

Shannon said...

what a cutie... mason is really tall too. the 5T pants i tried on him were too short. he is by far the tallest kid in his class.

great job w/ reading! that is amazing!!! oh, and i didn't know you were skipping preschool next year. it is hard to juggle all the kids schedules, that i know!

thx for the updates!!!

Diana said...

Ellie likes older men, and her Mommy is in favor of a well educated man!! I love that kid, no really I could eat him with a spoon. He promised to take me on a plane ride one day and I am holding him to it!

JILL said...

The pictures holding the chicken are a riot!!! My SIL has dozens of egg chickens and they run amuck around my mother's yard. Carl didn't hold any, but he does an absolutely perfect rooster impression. It's oh so lovely! grrrr
If I were you, I'd be driving around to cause naps all the time! LOL

Kerry said...

Andrew is such a funny kid! I love his facial expressions in the chicken pics! What a cool party to have a real petting zoo!

Benjamin is bigger then my "average" 2 year old Raven- she's hovered around 20-23lbs in the last year. And can still wear 12-18 month clothes, although we have mostly moved up to 2T.

count it all joy said...

Wow! It's been ages since I've caught up with all the Amick-happenings and everybody's GROWN. Hope all is well with you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.