Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Day the Planets Aligned

The sun was shining and temperature was not too hot.

The two younger boys had taken good naps.

The baby had just eaten.

The oldest boy was in an agreeable mood.

I had been gearing myself up for it all day.

My list was complete and in order from the back of the store to the front.

My coupons were in my wallet.

Andrew had been bribed with a bowl of ice cream after dinner if he was good.

I even posted it on Facebook, which meant I was obligated to follow through.

I had the knowledge in the back of my mind that I lived less than five minutes away in case I needed to abandon ship.

So at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, I loaded the boys up in the van, and took them all to Walmart.

To buy a considerable amount of groceries.

I got them all loaded up in the cart.

I even managed to get a semi-smile from Andrew.

And I shopped. I was a mom on a mission. Usually these carts are hard to handle, but I just threw my weight into it (which is more than usual these days...) and it was a breeze.

Even with four boxes of Tide, three containers of Downy, and a 10-lb bag of rice under the cart.

I placed my order at the deli and came back for it when it was ready.

I dodged old women in their motorized carts and little kids who were wandering free.

All the while replacing Thomas's paci, distracting Benjamin from grabbing Andrew, and answering random questions from Andrew.

As I was paying for my groceries, all the boys were content.

The two older boys were actually playing together, a rarity for now, especially in such close corridors.

And the baby was sleeping peacefully.

And though the real tasks were still ahead of me (unloading the groceries, feeding the boys dinner, bathing them, and putting them to bed), as I looked at my cart and my happy children, the words "Mission Accomplished" came to mind.


Shannon said...

congrats for making it through your first trip out alone with all 3 boys... i promise, it is not so bad! (if it was would i be adding to the chaos at my house? lol)

Runningmama said...

WOW...Walmart with 3 kids! You are an accomplished woman that's for sure!

JILL said...

I love the series of photos! I have to admit, I kept reading along waiting for the other shoe to drop... I was sure it was going to end in chaos. Yay for a great trip!! (I find 9am to be a better time to go there, but sounds like afternoon is best for your boys' schedules.)

Lanie said...

All I can say is that you are a true SUPERMOM!!!!

Courtney said...

You ARE my hero!!! Great job, Mama!

Kellye said...

I seriously just got chills because I know that feeling!!! Not with a 3rd, but something similar and it doesn't get much better!!! SEEE! And you worried!

Kara said...


jmason said...

Go Angela!!! Congrats...that's a big milestone!

Diana said...

I played the soundtrack to Rocky in my mind as I read this! You rock and I am so happy that things went smoothly! Now if only this could be the last time you ever had to do this.

count it all joy said...

Is there no end to your talents? Go Angela! This is the mothering equivalent to reaching the top of Mt Everest, only without safety ropes. Well done my friend. By the way....the pictures of Thomas asleep and Benjamin & Andrew playing together...melted my heart utterly. Clever girl. Big hugs,Meredy xo.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!
Love, Priscilla

Laura said...

Amazing! Simply amazing!

Mel said...

Great job- my current aim in life is to do the grocery shopping with as few kids in tow as possible! Loving that trolley- don't have those here :) Luke is at the stage where he reaches around and throws anything he can reach on the floor...

The Wood Family said...

It just gets easier from here....well maybe not, but now you know you can handle it. YOU GO GIRL!!!

TwolittleN's said...

I love the title of your definitely feels like an accomplishment to have a successful grocery store trip. I can't imagine with three...quite heroic!

Tricia said...

Happy Mother's Day!