Monday, September 28, 2009


Now this kid knows how to smile for the camera. This is Andrew's friend Christian. (Look at his hair!! He's famous for it.)

So he knows how to smile...

...and he knows when to be silly...

My child, however? *This* is how he smiles for the camera. He scrunches up his face. It's cute.

But it's also kinda annoying.

Especially when he really gets into it.

Speaking of annoying, Frank is about to drive me nuts. When he wants food, he gets on the counter and starts knocking stuff off.


But this one?

Never annoying.

Nothing but love.


JILL said...

I'll bet B doesn't cough up any hairballs either!

The O'Neils said...

People ask me why I don't have many pics of my oldest and it's b/c he does not smile right!! He is going to ask me one day why I have so many of P and none of him and I can't wait to tell him my answer!!!!

heartchild said...

Yay for Awana! I just got back from registration for my five about an hour ago. Have fun!

count it all joy said...

I've yet to find a photo of my second eldest daughter where her tongue isn't poking out Gene Simmons style or she hasn't got a Q-tip protruding from a nostril. She tells me "It's just how I roll!". Great. I think maybe the wind changed or something. Meredith xo.
p.s. lovely to see Benjamin sitting up so straight and tall - awesome!

Kurage said...

Ha Andrews scrunchy face is cute at least! I get either a scowl or a funny face with 2 fingers yanking his lips out from Axel. And Raven just turns and runs as fast as she can when she see the camera come out! *sigh* I hope one day they decide posing for mom is cool!

Oh and the cats on the counter would drive me insane! Get a spray bottle with water and chase him off :)

P.S. B is adorable! Look at him sit so tall!

Adrienne said...

Ainsley went through a bad smiling stage and now Harper is going through it~sigh~ one day we'll get a good picture of them together. Andrew is cute with the scrunchy face though!!

Your cat cracks me up!!

B is adorable as always!

The Soldatke family said...

Love those curls on Christian; wish I could get me some of those!

The cat: you're right, super annoying!

Andrew: cute despite the cheesy smile!

B: What sweetness!