Saturday, August 15, 2009

And the winner is....


Nikki O!!!!!!

First of all (Diana), I am a Huggies wipes girl. I can't stand those Pampers wipes, sensitive or not. They're just too flimsy for me. Maybe it's because I have boys, and their poop requires Huggies wipes.

So for me, Pampers diapers (Swaddlers and Cruisers) and Huggies wipes.

But unlike much of my reading population, I do not use wipes for anything other than, well, wiping butts. And since Andrew now potty trained, that would just leave Benjamin and his peanut butter poop.

And as far as tissues go, there is nothing for our family but Puffs Plus. Not Kleenex. Not generic. Not regular Puffs. Only Puffs Plus. Once you go Puffs Plus you never go back. Or something like that.

But the items I use all the time, for various purposes, are Q-tips!!!!! And not generic, and not Johnson & Johnson. Nothing but Q-tip brand.

I know there is controversy surrounding whether or not you should actually put Q-tips in your ears, but I am all about it. I have done it my entire life, and so does everyone in my family, as I am sure countless others do all around the country, nay, the world.

So all four of us use them in our ears after showers/baths to clean out the dirt. (Obviously the boys don't do this on their own...we do it for them.) And if you want to lecture me on the dangers of this, go right ahead. But it will just fall on deaf ears. Deaf from Q-tipping for 32 years...

Then I also use Q-tips when the boys have boogers in their noses that I can't get with a PUFFS PLUS. Because Benjamin can't blow his nose yet, and Andrew used to be able to but has now regressed and now sniffs everything in when I tell him to blow. Sooooo annoying.

Q-tips are also useful for cleaning the crevices of small items, such as the space between the glass and the wood on my coffee table, where all the crumbs accumulate. Or the unreachable holes in my liquid fabric softener dispenser in my washer.

Beauty-wise, I use them sometimes to remove nail polish when a cotton ball just won't work or is too big. I also use them to remove the remaining mascara from below my eyes when I wash my face.

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Man, I do love me some Q-tips.

What health/beauty product could you not live without, and do you use it/them for any other purposes?


ABandCsMom said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the Q-tips. Nothing but Q-tips meets my expectations. LOVE them. I use them for everything. I mean EVERYTHING!

Amber said...

With you on the Q-Tips!

But Huggies wipes. YUCK. They make Grace's rearend RAW and red. It's like they stick to her bum while Pampers glide. So I have a bunch of them just sitting in the closet, mocking me.

JILL said...

We also clean ears with Q-Tips and no substitue on brand either. We also were harvesting boogers as you do, but 3 times in about the past 2 weeks Lew has given Carl a bloody nose that way... so Daddy is banned from using them in noses! (and they were all after bath when the nose should have been wet enough inside to not hurt him.)

I'm a Huggies Supreme wipes snob - no generics for me... "pay half the price, use twice as much".

Adrienne said...

Totally with you- I'm a pampers for diapers girl and a huggies for wipes. No generics for me either!!lol

TUC said...

Pampers swaddlers & cruisers diapers, Huggies wipes, and Q-tips.. yup I agree 100 percent. I can substitute many things but not those.

Laura said...

I can't get by without Kleenex & Q-tips. I can't believe how much ear wax Luke produces. Of course the dr. says to just wipe his ear once the wax comes out, but I cannot wait that long. And I too have to have the Q-tips brand- can't stand flimsy ones.

Natasha said...

How funny! If I were forced to never use a Q-Tip again I wouldn't even notice. I'll definitely have to start cleaning a few select things with them, such as the sink faucet with impossible to reach parts! I never even thought about using one before.

The Moses Family said...

I, too, am a loyal Q-tip girl. My parents buy those nasty Equate brand at Wal-Mart-they just do NOT make your ears feel clean! I have just decided it is best to always pack my own when we travel now!

The Moses Family said...

Oh, and I'm also a Pampers diapers, Huggies wipes girl. :)