Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dilemmas I Face

Dilemma One: I realize halfway through a meal that I don't have the frozen corn I need. I have to get this in the CrockPot for a friend who just had a baby.

Solution: Call my dad and have him bring me a bag from his freezer.


Dilemma #2: I see consistent inconsistencies (LOL) in books. For instance, take these two books:

The back of this one says that "birds fly."

Yet in the book, the birds don't fly; they sing.

In another book in the same series, the back says "children run."

Yet in the book, the children don't run; they smile.

Solution: Get over it. I already tried to email LeapFrog about the misspelling of Antarctica in the Letter Factory DVD. Evidently being an advocate for accuracy doesn't mean a lot to those who are educating children. It's all about the Benjamins. And not mine.


Dilemma #3: I realize that while Andrew is playing nicely by himself in my bedroom and I am getting a small break, that he hasn't used the toilet in three hours.

Solution: It's worth a change of clothes for some peace and quiet from a usually loud and demanding three-year-old.


Dilemma #4: My brand-new socks at the start of my day:

And my new socks after walking around for about five hours (normal day activities) on my "clean" floors.

Solution: Who cares? No one ever died from dirt on their socks. Or their babies' knees. Good thing.


Shannon said...

that was cute... i agree, i would gladly change mason's clothes if he would play quietly by himeself. it's a good trade off.

Sarah said...

Wait..were you expecting to have a sock dilemna this morning and took pics in preparation? Or is your picture taking urge that strong that you whipped it out for your feet?

I actually have noticed that EVERYONE'S floors have become disgusting as of late. When Frank and I go visiting or over to a friends, he almost always returns with grubby feet and dirty knees.

Diana said...

I love you Grammar Mamma!! Also please never wear clean socks to my house.

ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

LOL the books were hilarious! I think if I were to read my kids the backs of the books, I would be in a dilema! Read it as written or read it as the book states inside and confuse your kids when they're trying to sound out words?

The sock pictures cracked me up... I tooo want to know if you anticipated dirty socks (which hey they arent that bad) and took your pics in the morning! LOL

Love the changing the clothes story! I think you're right.... It would be worth changing clothes over here to get some peaceful playtime! ;)

Have a great Thursday!

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Your first dilemma...I have lived that several times the past few weeks! My neighbor saved the day for me and my dinner last week. She loaned us a few eggs! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Such the rough life of a SAHM! I don't think you would survive for a second in the working world!

Erica said...

I have ignored the quiet child that hadn't been on the potty in long time too before!!! So much easier to change clothes for a few more minutes of peace. Really your socks aren't that bad! Even right after scrubing the floors I still end up with dirty socks.

That table and chairs in your room where did that come from? I am looking for something just like that at a reasonable price.

I sure hope Tami above me isn't being serious.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Thanks for the website for the china! They had mine there!! I am going to order the other place settings. Thanks so much!!!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh, wow... I have never heard of that brand of running shoe, but looks like he got a great shoe! (Better be, anyway, right??!) Fleet Feet was awesome to visit...not a huge store or anything, but definitely worth a trip just to see what you need. I guess your hubby already knows but I had no clue you needed shoes made for your gait! :)

Is he training for any races in particular?