Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Day in Pictures

Okay, so truthfully, two of these are from yesterday, but you get the point. :)

Yesterday, my wonderful mother took Andrew off my hands (yeah, she *really* hates it...) so I could spend some time with just Benjamin. It was lovely. I was able to put him down on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor without fearing that he would be trampled during the Bob the Builder theme song. (You should see Andrew's dance moves...they're quite, umm, hereditary...) So I went upstairs for awhile and came back to this:

I guess Frank and Nancy (L to R) miss using the living room floor, too!

After Matthew got home from work yesterday, he and Andrew had a little "Daddy and Andrew" time on the couch. Matthew acted like he was asleep (well, it wasn't hard to do) and Andrew moved his head back and forth. So cute. So cute.

Here's my sweet boy today. We're liking this living room floor thing. (Andrew was napping.)

Andrew was rather fussy when he woke up from his nap so a DVD sounded good. Here he is, engrossed in the alphabet, watching his Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD, recommended to us from our good friends Sara and Ben in California. (Holla)

I couldn't help myself. I had to rewind it and take a picture of a misspelled Antarctica on a Leap Frog DVD. Wow. I'm considering calling the company. Speaking of that, yesterday, on my way to weigh Benjamin, the Hardees marquee caught my eye. Okay, more than caught it. It practically PUNCHED me in the eye. It read, "TACO SALADS IS BACK." doh! So what did I do? Nothing seemingly proactive...I sent the horrifically incorrect sign in a text to my mother, both brothers, my father, and my cousin Marianne. On the way home, no more than two hours later, the sign is fixed. Why? Because my "once-a-teacher-always-a-teacher-even-though-she's-now-a-principal" mother called Hardees. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this shot of Matthew and Andrew eating pizza says it all. Yum. And pass the Crazy Sauce.


Melanie said...

I went back and read all of your blogs. I have laughed and I have cried, but then I had to laugh some more. And I do have to say, I also think your mother is wonderful! Love you Mrs. C! You are so blessed, and my heart swells with love when I read your posts. You're such an inspiration to me, and I love you dearly.

P.S. Jason said he saw the new NKOTB video yesterday...

Anonymous said...

I love you. Have Andrew call Yampa when he gets a chance.

Amber said...

I HAVE to know ...what did LeapFrog say!??

I would have noticed it, too. And LOL about your mom. I see stuff like that all the time and it never occurs to me to say anything!

Beth said...

I am loving your blog. It keeps me laughing - reminds me of all the laughs we had in class when we should have been paying attention... anyway... I have to tell you that I saw a sign today in Chickamauga at a produce stand and they were so proud to offer "curve service." Not curb, but curve! I cannot imagine what kind of service that would be! LOL.

Richard said...

Hey, was the "Taco Salads Is Back!!" sign in Kentucky? We saw one at a Hardees on the way to our High School Youth Summer Camp, and I believe it was in Kentucky, maybe Tennessee. I truly hope it was the same sign.