Friday, May 8, 2009


So I took a shower at about 9:30. Both boys had *finally* settled down right before 9:00 and Matthew ran out to CVS to spend some CVS bucks on cereal. And he went to the gas station to get gas in his car and also for the lawn mower. He recently found some deal online where he could buy $25 gas cards for $20 or something like that. So the gas has been flowing! LOL

Anyway, I wasn't feeling any better but thought maybe a shower would help. I have been refreshed many a time after a nice shower.

Well, that was not the case this evening.

Starting in the shower and lasting for well over an hour, that was the most miserable I've ever felt in my entire life. It ranks right up there when I got food poisoning at Universal Studios (why did I think a chili dog was a good idea) and spent the next 20 hours in the hotel bathroom. Also it was way worse than any pain I felt after either of my C-sections.

I don't know if it was the extreme nausea (never did throw up) or the horrific headache, or a combination of both of those plus the full-body aches and pains. But I was in a paralyzed state of HURT. Oh, and my fever was up to 102.2.

So I did what any person would have done in my position. I got a puke bucket ready next to the bed, put a cold washcloth on my face and chest, and I took an Oxycodone that I had in the cabinet after my C-section with Benjamin. I took it with two sips of Regular Sprite that was in one of those super cute 12-oz bottles. Love it. There's just something about Sprite when you're sick.

Anyway, I was a miserable heap of ache and nausea for quite some time after that. I was lying on the bed in my near-death state while Matthew (the sweetie that he is) sat in the bedroom with me and worked on finances on his laptop. Seriously, the thought of even opening my eyelids made me want to hurl.

But I drifted off into a drug-enduced sleep. Only to wake up about an hour later feeling much better.

Oh, thank you Oxycodone.

Now Matthew is asleep and I am sitting at the kitchen table finishing my Sprite and munching on Goldfish crackers.

We'll have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow. Matthew has an appointment with the eye doctor (infection of some sort) at 8:45, and if I still feel bad and incapable of caring for the boys, he is going to come home after that. Part of me hopes I do, and part of me hopes to feel well again.

Off to sit here in my Oxycodone-trance for awhile longer before going back to bed. Seriously, I had taken two doses of maximum-strength naproxen sodium for my headache and body aches earlier in the day. Usually that does it for me. Tylenol and ibuprofen do nothing for me. But I love me some Aleve. But what I had (have) required something a bit stronger. Good thing I had some. Because those things go for like $10-$15 a pill on the black market. I can totally see why. This is the first time my head hasn't felt like exploding in about 12 hours. And I still have a whole bottle. ;)


Verna said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well, Hope you feel better and stay better.

Happy Mothers Day.

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry you got sick. I am so thankful you will be your hoppin' self again soon!!
You are tempting me with the whole
'drug-induced' sleep talk.

Beverly said...

hope you feel better!!!