Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family Pictures

Today is the first day since last Thursday that I haven't felt like dying. I still have a bad cough that keeps me up at night and plagues me some during the day, but I'm on day four of five of antibiotics so I should be back to normal soon.

Well, as normal as I have ever been.

Speaking of normal, Benjamin hasn't been feeling 100% either, so sadly he wasn't his usual chipper, smiling self when we went to get our family pictures taken on Saturday. And Andrew was frustratingly stubborn and acting like a three-year-old, so needless to say I left there feeling worse than when I arrived.

But all in all, I think we got some good shots. See for yourself! For the next three weeks or so, the images are available to view online.

Go here: http://masterportrait.com/104/Amick_Angela/

User name: Amick (case sensitive)

Password: 4035

There are 20 pictures total that change every 10 seconds. Or you can click on the pictures on the left-hand side of the screen on the individual pictures.

Be sure to leave me a comment and tell me how you like them!!


JILL said...

So many great pics... a few comments...(hope the spcaing comes through OK)
first, those boys did great with 3 clothing changes!
I like both sets with the 3 & 1. Natural smiles and cute ears! And I love how you incorporated the beloved Clifford into the shot!
I like the pose of the 4 of you sitting, but not Andrew's face - so I prefer the family with A on the bike.
How cute is Benjamin kicking his leg out with you and the boys on the bike?
Love love love them with your Mom!
I don't like the close up faces - not natural expressions.
I wish they hadn't cut B's feet on on the very last one.
He is precious kissing his lovie blanket!

Glad you are feeling better! Happy belated Mother's Day!

Verna said...

So many to choose from, and all of the great. I would really have a hard time of it to pick my favorite. I liked them all!

Lora Leigh said...

I love the ones of both boys in the truck and the one of Benjamin in the adirondack chair. He looks like he is very concerned about something!

Paula said...

Angela, Of course my favorite is the one with the boys and me! ...but the photos certainly did capture the mood of the day. Andrew looks so tall. I really like them all and esp the one with all of you. Sweet, precious family. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the one of Andrew with Benjamin in the wheelbarrow. They both have good expressions!

That "thinking" picture of Benjamin in the chair is adorable!

You look soooo thin!!

Anna said...

Prrrrecious pics!!! I love them all!

Anonymous said...

Angela, Happy (late) Mother's Day to you! Your pictures are just GREAT and what a beautiful family you have! I hope you guys all feel better soon - we are so over being sick over here - and ready for the summer and good health!

Diana said...

Ok I loved them!! My girls never cooperate for pictures!! I really love the pictures with you and both boys!!! I can't believe the smiles coordinated! You are just all too cute I LOVE THEM! Can I RSVP for a wallet?

Wendy said...

Great pictures! I love Master Portraits!

Jennifer Talley said...


I love the pics of the shovel with the boys!!!!

The Hollimans said...

Sooo cute. You got a bunch of good ones! You got one photogenic family. Maybe one day I'll take my boys to get their picture taken...

Karly said...

You guys are a good lookin' group!

Shannon said...

angela, those came out great!!! your family is beautiful!!!