Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No time to blog!

We have been here in paradise since Friday night. This place is wonderful!!! Steph, you've done a fabulous job decorating, and you've thought of everything! I've never stayed at a place that was so well-stocked. I truly feel like I'm at home. Except there are palm trees everywhere. And Matthew doesn't have to work. :)

For those of you who are interested in renting a place, you should really give this a consideration. We are in the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle. We are in between Destin and Panama City Beach, about 30 miles east of Destin and 12 miles west of PCB.

There are still weeks available for summer and fall, and all of next year. Click here to check it out! My good friend Stephanie and her husband Tim own it, and they'd love to have you!

Meanwhile, it's snowing back at home, which is crazy for April in Chattanooga. Not a huge storm, but snow flurries just the same. Brrrrrr....

We're having a fabulous time. If you would like to see pictures, for now, you'll need to hop over to Facebook and look at my Spring Break albums. I've already uploaded over 70 pictures. If you're not my friend and want to be, send me a request! (You can find me by scrolling down on my blog and clicking on the Facebook link to the right.) If you're not on Facebook, then I'm sorry, but you will just have to wait! Blogger is annoying with how they upload pictures, and it is much easier on FB. I simply don't have time right now; I've got some vacationing to do.



Alicia said...

Oh, I want to see them...I will be-friend you tonight...I cant right now I am at work and they block me!! Darn them:)

I hope you have a wonderful time down there. We are heading to Panama City next week. We cant wait.

Erica said...

Sounds like you are having a great time!!!

Miss Magic said...

Hi Angela,

I'm Carol, mom to Maren!

Wow --looks like a great place! We usually hit Santa Rosa and Seaside -- but now my boys want to CAMP, yes, CAMP at one of the beaches there...Ugh! I hope my daughter Maren (7 y.o. and has T21) and I can just rent a room :-).

Enjoy! We'll be coming up to your aquarium next week if all goes well..we love your Chattanooga and it is a quick trip from Tuscaloosa!
Enjoy your trip.

Jennifer Talley said...

What is the rental price...would love to stay there!!