Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All you ever wanted to know about our Spring Break but were afraid to ask

Okay, first of all, sorry for the delay!!!!!!! Just thinking about posting vacation pics was kind of stressful.

Then I decided to just pick five pictures from each day.

That only worked on some days.

Some days have 10, and our first full day at the beach has 15. I just couldn't help myself.

So.....without further ado....here is our Spring Break. (Many of you have already seen these on Facebook.)

Friday, April 3

The most important thing from this day: Before I left, I got my DVR down to ZERO PERCENT!!!! That is amazing, my friends.

I drove the last half of the way there, but Matthew started out driving. Mom was in the passsenger seat (natch), so I was stuck in the back with the toys and the stuff. But also my boys. :)

Saturday, April 4

Here is Benjamin showing off his cute teeth and getting sunscreen on for the first time.

Awwww....you gotta love the beach!

My little beach dork

Oops! LOL

He didn't last long. It was windy!

We're quite the Motley Crew.

Poor little guy. He was (still is) cutting teeth. That, with the added wind at the beach, made for a snotty, runny-nosed, runny-eyes little guy.

But he cheered up when Daddy started throwing him up in the air. (See why I couldn't limit myself to five today?) There is a video of this at the bottom of the post.

He loved running around on the beach. :)

Andrew loved all the toys that were at the condo. He especially loved the TWO Buzz Lightyear action figures. Here he is on Mom's bed playing. He didn't know I was there. (There is a short video of this at the bottom of the post.)

Right before dinner, I took him out to one of the pools. That is a Carter's 12 month swimming suit. (He just turned three.) LOL

Sunday, April 5

For six of the nine mornings that we were there, Matthew and I traded off duty. We each had three glorious mornings to sleep in or get up and have time to ourselves. (I chose to sleep, while he chose to get up and bike ride/run...err...whatever.) On my first morning, Mom and I took the boys to a playground. It was a short drive, but a long walk (0.66 mile one way, we calculated later) with a three-year-old. He did fine on the way there, but I had to carry him on my shoulders on the way back. Here we are on the way.

Stopping at the Alys Beach pillars.

I love this sign!!!

My boys=Serious Fellas on weird animals

Andrew loved this slide! Check out the video at the bottom of the page to watch him wipe out!

Benjamin's first time swinging. Despite being totally ready for a nap, he enjoyed himself. :)

A Brotherly Swing (As you can see, there was a storm moving in, but we managed to make it home without getting drenched.)

"I'm the King of the World!"

Sacked out shortly after getting back into the stroller.

This is the weirdest picture! Matthew was messing around with the settings on the camera...Can you find both boys? Quite ghostly...

Isn't this the coolest tic-tac-toe board? The letters each had pegs so they stayed.

Monday, April 6

Oh. Yum. We went to eat at a pizza buffet at Spicy Noodle. I had a salad and three *delicious* pieces of pizza. Here are two of them. Oh. Yum.

I love this boy.

Guess who suddenly decided to eat peaches? Sigh...picky eaters stink!

Ticklefest with Daddy after the meal

I have dreams of this.

We went back to the beach. Andrew loved playing in the sand and really didn't have any interest in swimming. Which was fine with me!

Tuesday, April 7

We took a short walk (1/2 mile) down to Rosemary Beach, where there are cute shops and a lot of families hanging out.

We stopped at Sugar Shak for a cherry shaved ice.

That night before bed, Andrew and I did a construction puzzle.

Wednesday, April 8

Because I've seen pictures of the Blackiston boys jumping on this bed, I thought it would be fun to recreate that with Andrew. (I didn't really think it was safe to let Benjamin up there, LOL.)

Benjamin is getting a lesson on not touching Andrew.

And I love *this* boy!

Snuggling up in towels straight out of the dryer is always fun. :)

For lunch, while the boys napped back at the condo under Mom's watchful eye (she was watching movies, LOL), Matthew and I went to eat at the Seagrove Village Market Cafe. Stephanie had told me that they have the best fried grouper sandwich, but I was feeling more like shrimp. But Matthew ordered the sandwich. Look at this...it's perfection! The best part is that they have tartar and cocktail sauces in a big squirt bottle. (Incidentally, Mom and I went back the next day during the boys' nap time and we *both* got the fried grouper sandwich. That thing is SO delicious. It's like a Filet-o-Fish on crack. The best fish sandwich I've ever had.)

After naps, we headed back down to the beach. Because that's how we roll. (Literally)

Benjamin didn't last long down there b/c it was so windy. After being on the beach for literally five minutes, Matthew took him back to the condo. His nose and eyes ran and ran and ran the rest of the evening. :(

Throwing sand is fun!

Here is a picture that Matthew took of one of the pools at night. Sigh...paradise, anyone?

Thursday, April 9
Here is a picture of Andrew and his Clifford friends watching...umm...Clifford.
Andrew stalking some kids from Atlanta in the pool.

Andrew venturing out in his boat

He hasn't done it since, but Benjamin pulled himself to standing by himself for the first time while Matthew was giving him a bath!
Friday, April 10
While I slept until 11:00 on one of "my" mornings (WOWZA!), Mom and Matthew took both boys back to the Alys Beach playground. I love this picture of Matthew and Andrew.

What a cutie!

He really does love his mommy. I should know.

This picture is one of my favorites. (It looks better enlarged, so click on it!)

Hubba, hubba!

Saturday, April 11
This was probably the most beautiful day here!

Sunday, April 12
Right before we left, and right after Andrew slammed his fingers in the door.

Andrew got to watch one movie (Toy Story 2) on the way home. What a glorious 90 minutes that was! (Namma bought him a cookie at McDonald's!)

And here are four short videos for you to enjoy.
**To listen, please hit "end," pause the music, then hit "home" to get back to the top.**
I like to call this one "Cryfest." Andrew had just gotten into trouble for something (there's no telling what) and had been told to go sit in Mommy and Daddy's room. He was crying and screaming. Benjamin was in his playpen playing but was getting fussy and was ready for his nap. (He was in the laundry room the first couple of days but then we moved him to the master closet.) This video just goes to show you that when you take kids with you, there really is no such thing as a true vacation. LOL

Here are Benjamin and Matthew on the beach.

Here is Andrew playing with two Buzz Lightyear action figures (Can I call them dolls?) on Mom's bed. I love the commentary, "To infiddity...and beyond!"

The fun slide.
Well, that about sums it up. We had so much fun, and even though it was work, it was relaxing. If any of you are interested in renting this place, it is wonderful!! Our friends, Tim and Stephanie, are the owners, and they have thought of everything. Click here to see the place.


Anonymous said...

I have missed the blog! So glad it's back and loved the pictures!

Adrienne said...

Looks like you guys had soooo much fun!! I can't wait until we can take a family vacation- don't know when that will be but it's been a long time! Your pictures were great!

Anonymous said...

It looks heavenly. LOL at the 12 month swimtrunks. We have a few of those in Ben's drawer still too that fit! That wipe out picture on the beach made me almost PIMP laughing.

Gorgeous condo!

Laurie said...

ahhh...it looks SO nice there!!! i love all the pictures : ) it's great to have you back...

The Hollimans said...

Haha. I'm still laughing about the videos. Too funny. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. I wish I had thought to let you borrow our beach tent that we got when we went to the beach last year. Benjamin would have loved it. That place looks great. How cool that there are toys there!!! Your kids are so cute.

Branton Family said...

I am so jealous. . .what a trip! Zach's shoes are from Gymboree, size 2. Does B have small feet? Go now, they are in the sale bin! :)

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Awww! What a great trip! My all time fav pic is the one of B smiling with the "I love Mommy" shirt. VERY SWEET! I'm glad you guys had a great vacation!

Kara said...

Looks like a totally awesome vacation! Your boys are precious as ever, and you looked beautiful! Ahh I love the beach! Forgot what else I was gonna say. :)

Stephanie said...

This post made me SO SO happy!!
Praise God you had such a fun time.
I LOVED the videos. Especially the one of Matthew and B.
Love you-

Casey said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great time. It looks like paradise on Earth.

I'm also glad you all made it home safely!

Your boys are so so cute!!!

Diana said...

I already vacaton stalked you on facebook!!! I totally love the blog!! B is such a trooper!! I bet Andrew is dying to head back!

Holly said...

Looks like a fun Spring Break! You sound an awful lot like me with the taking of far too many photos! Mind you, can you ever really have too many!?