Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday


It's time for another Not Me! Monday! As always, you can go to MckMama's blog to see the rest of the madness.

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

First of all, this picture from my Wordless Wednesday truly was not posed! Matthew threw the letter at Andrew and I just happened to snap the picture at *just* the right time.

My little boy is not obsessed with the garbage man. Here he is, outside before his naptime, waiting for the BFI guy to round the corner.

I did not tell Andrew, "WAVE AT THE GARBAGE MAN!" And I did not smile when the grown man in the truck stuck his hand out the truck and waved like a little boy.

Real Simple is my favorite magazine. I like to save the issues and read them when I have finished all my other magazines. Well, I have a lot of other magazines and not a whole lot of extra time. So I am not finally in the December issue. NOT ME!

Benjamin did not just get his first "real" haircut on Wednesday. No way! He's not even 11 months old!

I do not pile up clothes, washcloths, and handtowels in the corner of my kitchen all day to take to laundry baskets. Not me! And I do not toss all of Andrew's shoes in the other corner. (And, no, those are not Halloween shoes from Wal-mart that were $1.00. My child would never wear Halloween attire in March!)

I do not need to do a better job babyproofing.

Benjamin is not starting to get on his hands and knees in an attempt to crawl. No!

I did not take another snot picture of Benjamin! And you will not click here to see it. (Honestly, I was taking a million pictures and I truly did not know he was snotty until after I took the picture *this* time...) And he does not hate to get his nose cleaned. Hence, I did not take this pitiful picture after I did not clean up the snot that was not there. :)

I did not just rip Andrew's finger out of his nose *right* before this picture was snapped. (Oh, and I did not eat any fattening food on my birthday...)

*Sniff sniff* I am not sad that I *finally* moved my almost-three-year-old son out of the crib.


Mary Jo said...

Go B go! Andrew looks so tiny in his big double bed! How did he do there? We are getting Jack's big boy bed set up this next weekend.

Diana said...

I am so happy to welcome Andrew to the big bed gang! I love all the B pictures! That boy has mad skills!

Wayne said...

aww he looks so sad that you took his finger out of his noes. and I think that the kid will be a garbage man if he loves it so much

great not me monday

The Harner's said...

I love that you included pictures! The bathtub one though tops it all! :)