Thursday, February 19, 2009

August is filling up already!

In the past almost-ten months (WOW!), my life has changed in many ways. Doctors' visits are now simply a part of life. There are several not-so-hidden blessings, however. One, I am *very* thankful that I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). Not only for the many doctors' visits, but for the weekly physical therapy and the simple fact that there are fewer germs at home than at daycare. Do you realize that surgeries and a few sniffles aside, Benjamin has never been sick? He has never really run a fever nor has he had a cold. Not even a cold! Wow. Another blessing is that I have recently realized is that we really like and trust all our doctors. Currently, Benjamin sees a regular pediatrician, a pediatric cardiologist, a pediatric surgeon, an pediatric opthamologist, and in the past has seen a pediatric cardiac surgeon, a geneticist, and a urologist. Wow. That's a lot of doctors. And we really do like them all and feel that they all have Benjamin's best interest in mind.

Speaking of doctors, we have already been twice this week! Both really good reports. First, the cardiologist. Benjamin's heart is looking great. He was able to stop taking his Lasix altogether. The Enalapril he now only takes once a day (instead of twice), and will stop it completely in two weeks. We go back in six months. Wow! Gotta say, though, Dr. Herold is the BEST and we'll miss seeing him.

Then we had another follow-up with his surgeon from his intestinal surgery. She was pleased that the spitting up has decreased (only three times in the past week!) and wants to see him back in six months to talk about his next (and last scheduled) surgery, which will be to repair his hypospadias (second urinary opening) and hernia from his chest tubes (following his heart surgery). Neither problem poses any issues right now, so she wants to wait until he's a little bigger. So the day after we see the cardiologist, we'll see the surgeon again. August seems so far away, but I'm sure it'll be here before we know it! He weighed 15lbs, 6 oz yesterday at the cardiologist!!! Yay, Benjamin!

In April he'll have his one-year well visit (as well as Andrew's three-year well visit) and in May he will have another eye exam.

I did talk to his pediatrician this morning because I was concerned that in the past three or four days, he seems to have dramatically decreased the amount of formula he was eating. I did up his solids to three times a day a couple of weeks ago, and even then he's really supposed to get a minimum of 16 oz of formula a day. Yesterday he only ate 13 oz, and this morning, after not eating all night, he only wanted two ounces. I was concerned that there might be an obstruction still in his intestines. When she asked me if he was still eating solids okay, I told her that he loved them. Well, what I have now is an almost-ten-month-old who wants to go ahead and wean himself from liquids so he can EAT. Now *that's* my boy! I am supposed to try and get him to drink 16 oz of formula a day but obviously there's only so much I can do. Today so far he's only had six, and he only has two more bottles. (Yesterday before bed he only wanted ONE ounce.) He still gets solids three times a day and even a snack. She said I can start giving him mashed up table foods. I agreed and then realized that in order to do that, I've got to start making table foods that he can eat. It's not like I can mash up a piece of Papa John's pizza. So...........

Speaking of eating... Ugh. I hestitate to even post this (notice how I'm slipping it into a post about Benjamin...) but I know I need the accountability. Plus I already posted it on Facebook.
One week from today, on Thursday, February 26, I will be joining Weight Watchers for the first time. I will go on Thursday nights to a local church for weigh-in. I am anxious and excited. I really hope to be able to have the willpower and motivation to lose this baby weight from two babies plus a little that I had before. It is difficult for me to put forth the effort to lose a bunch of weight (ideally I'd like to lose 40 pounds) because I want two more children, and obviously am just going to gain weight each time I'm pregnant. But it's not healthy for me to continue like this and I simply am not happy with myself.

I have a friend coming to visit me today. Her name is Mary Jo and she is flying into Chattanooga in less than two hours. I'm so excited!! See, MJ and I have never actually met. We have been friends via the Internet for over three years when we were both pregnant with our first sons. I think I've emailed her (and several other girls) more than anyone else I know in the past year.

Now I have two sons, and Mary Jo will be having her second one this June. She wanted a little break and had frequent flyer miles. So, YAY! She's coming all the way from Minneapolis and her husband has graciously agreed to stay back at home with Jack, who is Andrew's age.

What's the plan? Food and Bravo TV. Plus I need to buy some new socks. LOL! One of the reasons MJ and I are friends is that we are both low maintenance. We're both happy eating Mexican food and watching Top Chef. Good thing, b/c that's what we'll be doing! She's staying today through Sunday. I just sent her a text message to tell her what Matthew will be wearing when he picks her up from the airport this afternoon (blue jeans, tennis shoes, navy jacket). She texted back: "Me--in blue. Big hair." HA!!! Yeah, we're gonna hit it right off.

Poor thing. Matthew is taking her straight from the airport to CiCi's Pizza, where we're eating dinner. Not only will she have to meet me for the first time in a pizza buffet where they shout at you when you walk in the door ("HI! WELCOME TO CICI'S!"), but she'll have to meet my mom, my SIL, my kids, and my nieces and nephew. Oh, and lots of other friends and former coworkers. Plus probably some former students. (It's my mom's school's Pizza Fundraiser Night.) All after traveling all day. While pregnant. Good thing she's such a good sport. She may change her mind about me after this! (Nah.....)

But for now I've got to fold this laundry.

Ooh, wait! Who is watching American Idol? Me, me!! I am loving it!! I didn't get to vote on Tuesday night because I went to bed at 8:20 that night. But I got a chance to watch the performances before the results last night, and I *totally* called all three singers who got to stay! YAY! I am hoping that Anoop and/or Anne Marie get wildcard spots b/c I really like them both.

Okay, laundry calls. Have a great Friday everyone! Sorry no new pictures this time. I'll post some of MJ and her big hair later. :)


Fredericks Family said...

What a wonderful update! I am so jealous you and MJ get to hang out and eat mexican food and watch Bravo! I tried to catch up on my Top Chef episodes last night but I still have a couple to go! I hope you guys have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see pics!

Lauren said...

I am soooo watching a Top Chef mini-marathon right now. All I need is somer chicken enchiladas and chips-n-queso!

Have fun with your bloggy friend!

Lauren said...

I am soooo watching a Top Chef mini-marathon right now. All I need is somer chicken enchiladas and chips-n-queso!

Have fun with your bloggy friend!

Diana said...

Have so much fun! I am so jealous Paul hates Mexican. Maybe you can throw some my way. You should try Hell's Kitchen it is serious. LOVE YA! We always have B in our mind!

Courtney said...

What a great post!I am so glad that all is going well with Benjamin! I know what you mean about loving and trusting the doctors. It made Lucy's surgery easier to bear knowing that we had complete faith in her medical care!

Good luck with weight watchers, too. I am still in the "I am going to ignore this extra 40lbs" that I have been carrying around since having Lucy. Maybe one of these days I will find the willpower you have! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to slip the WW in between Benjamin and MJ. Sneaky. You can do it. In fact, you did it before you got preggo with Benjamin (barring that stupid injury). I know you can do it. Good bye Dr. Pepper and Cheese.

I am SO jealous of you and MJ. In fact, if I were still employed I would be there right now. :(

Shannon said...

so gald all is well with benjamin!

lol @ the WW slip in... i will be your WW buddy. it works and it really isn't too hard to stick with.

have fun with mj! i can't wait to see pics!!!

Ginger said...

It's always wonderful to hear that Benjamin is doing so good. He is such a special little man and so darn cute too!

Good luck with WW. I know you will do great!

So exciting for you and MJ, but I am so jealous! Enjoy Bravo and mexican food and take lots of pics!

Stephanie said...

Some people say internet friends are 'pretend friends' but that has not been the case with me. I have met so many AMAZING friends through blogging that I would totally have over. I HAVE had some of them over to my house!
How fun. I for sure want to see pictures of her!!

Stephanie said...

ps Can I come stay at your house?

kathy said...

Angela, Juat a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy reaing your blog. I am a friend of your Aunt Eunice. We went to the same church when she lived in Portsmouth and she sent us to your blog when we were praying for your sons surgery. I love to read how he is progressing. Your family is amazing. I just wanted to share with you that I have lost 63 pounds with Weight Watchers and you can do it too. there are some great recipes out there on the internet and what is nice about WW is you can calculate how many points it will be. Just remember you are worth it so take care of you too. Your family wants you to be around for a long time. I have found as i get older it is not about the looks as it is about our health. I am 51 and thought it was impossible for me to do it> This time I put GOD in the picture and prayed about it and asked him to help me with this as I have never asked him to help me with my weight issues before. I did and he has given me the stregth and determination to do it and you can to! I will pray for you. Tell Aunt Eunice Kathy says hello and misses her a lot. Best wishes! Kathy Holland

Jen said...

Wow, you and MJ hung out. I Hope yall had fun!!! I am so jealous! I haven't met any BZ girls yet. Yay to B sitting up :)!!! Good luck with WW. I know how hard it is to give up junk. I'm addicted to Coke..or anything carbonated :(. I'm also on an enchilada kick right now. *sigh*