Thursday, October 9, 2008


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Here is a video that my sister-in-law, Edie, sent me yesterday of Andrew back at home. I love me some two-year-old babble. I think I've watched it ten times. I miss him so much.

For some reason, Blogger's video uploader (thingamabob) isn't working, so I've uploaded this video to Photobucket. Simply click on the link and turn up your sound!

Here is a video of Benjamin this morning in his crib. He is still not 100% (nor would I expect him to be already) but you can tell he's more chipper:


Anonymous said...

MY FAMILY AND I ARE PRAYING CONSTANTLY FOR YOU AND A FRIEND WHO JUST REDISCOVERED NEW CANCER....try to remember Abraham's's so hard to live on what we know vs. what we feel esp. when we're so tired.
Nikki Hammel

Kristen said...

Oh my GOODNESS your children are just precious!!!! Love the videos. And, I just said this the other day, but you are an AMAZING mother, breakdowns and moments of self-doubt and grief and all. The depth of caring and love you have for your son speaks to the depth of your character and also the caliber of mother that you are. Benjamin and Andrew are SO lucky. You are a champion!!! Continuing to pray for you...