Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crazy morning!!'s been a whirlwind the past couple of hours.

Benjamin's temperature went from in the 96s to the normal 98s to 100.5. So he got Tylenol. It is now down to 99.6.

Then they decided that they needed to draw more blood to not only check for infection but to go ahead and check his thyroid. But the IV on his foot is pretty much shot. So they pulled that out and drew blood from his hand. Now he has an IV in his hand, but at least his right foot is free (albeit bruised). Seriously, though, his poor little body is bruised ALL over. So many bruises from IVs and failed IVs all over his hands, arms, feet, and neck. I took a nice, hot shower while they were out here doing it. I obviously don't like to hear my baby squalling.

They also had to catheterize him to get a urine sample. That wasn't too bad. It took three women plus Matthew (holding B's legs) to get it done.

But then he got a nice bath from one of the nurses and he just ate. He smells as good as new. He was pretty funky before that, and understandably so. It had been a week since he'd been bathed.

Matthew, who slept an extra two hours this morning, just went for a run in his baby blue shorts and black cut-off t-shirt. At least they're not different shades of the same color. That would be awful.


Jordan said...

I found your blog through a lot of different people's. My best friend's little sister is Downs and she is now 13. She is a very special little girl who I've known since she was born. I love her to death and she has taught me so many different things througout her life so far! I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your family. Benjamin is adorable by the way! :)

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

I'm so sorry that you all had a tough night. We are praying for you- strength, patience, peace and rest.
thank you for the updates on your sweet baby.
take care.

Susan Massoud Farley said...

Hmm, there is nothing in the world better than that freshly bathed baby smell...and it makes you feel better to be clean too. Bless his heart, I can't stand to think of that sweet baby being poked and prodded anymore. Thankfully God is in control and is working through doctors and nurses to get that boy well!!

Sara said...

Phew, I was concerned that Matthew went jogging in a blue shirt and blue shorts.

Angela, I am so sorry I didn't check in on the blog last night to do what I could to help you through the rough patch. You have remained in such good humor throughout all of this, that a breakdown was in order. Hopefully it left you ready to go forward with more strength.


Stephanie said...

Hello!?!? It has been 8 hours since you have updated!!