Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleeping now

Wow. That was an ordeal. They got the blood they needed (evidently they have to draw "fresh" blood when they are running labs) and now I just hope they can use it. (Last night they had to do the same thing but they blood they drew came back clotted.) I nursed him, burped him, and rocked him by the bed. The nurse came in and offered to go ahead and do his 4:00 vitals at 3:15 so she wouldn't have to wake him up. His temperature is up a little to 98.0. It was in the 96 range consistently, which is why they drew the blood. Evidently when there is an infection sometimes the temperature drops and stays low. Before they took blood, the nurse put a hat on him and cranked the air up to 75. Which would explain why we were sweating. I thought it was just the cramped corridors. LOL We gave him some pain medicine and he's sleeping soundly.

Our nurse tonight is Ashley. She just got married in January. She is young and pretty and very nice and helpful. She and her husband want to wait about five years before they have kids. I can't help but think of us. That's what we did. It was wonderful. Life is so different now. It's good but it sure is different than those newlywed-before-kids-when-you-could-travel-and-go-out-to-eat-at-the-drop-of-a-hat days. So much fun and new discovery. So much to look forward to. As I stood by the bed a few minutes ago and rocked Benjamin I just prayed for her. And I prayed for us. And I thought about how funny Benjamin looks in a hospital hat. Like a gargantuan 12-pound newborn.

As I logged on here to type an update, I read my banner. About dancing in the rain. My brother Justin teased me about that saying. He wasn't being mean; teasing is what we do. It is a bit cheesy, I'll admit. But for me, right now, it's true. I've especially been praying for peace the past few hours. And while I know that most of you have been sleeping (in your BIG beds), you've been praying throughout this ordeal. God just saved up the prayers and gave them to me now. Because I feel so much better. Maybe it's because it's dark in here and quiet. There's not a screaming baby or a beeping machine. (I hate that beeping.....) Or maybe it's because I slipped some of Benjamin's pain meds into my water bottle. Just kidding. I know why. It's because God is true to His word. And He loves us and comforts us when we need it.

Tomorrow I will type up a couple of funny things that Matthew has done recently. Not only is he the rock that I need, he's the most hilarious goof that I need, too. He helps me to dance in the rain. Even if it's the chicken dance. It's still dancing.


Diana said...

I love you all. I am praying and crying with you. I want Benjamin home safe and healthy.

Stephanie said...

I hope you got something that resembles some sleep.
Can't wait to read the funny stories!

Lindsey (BZ) said...

I'm glad Benjamin is resting after such a long night. I will pray that there is no infection. And you are still one of the most amazing people I know! By the way, I love your banner saying. It really makes you look at live differently.

(((HUGS))) and prayers to you & the family.

Anonymous said...

Angela- I hope you know by now that in or out of the rain, Matthew CAN'T dance! That would be a funny video all by itself! Maybe Justin can dance and cheer us all up!
P.S. After asking for cake for breakfast, your Andrew ate all of his "porridge" right up!