Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random things that make me happy

This was inspired by Boomama.

It's always nice to think of things that make us happy. Here are some random things that make me happy:

1. Sinking my toes into the sand at the beach (More specifically, in the Outer Banks, NC)

2. Hearing Andrew say, "Thank you, Mommy!" on his own

3. My DVR (How did I *live* before I had it?) :)

4. Fall

5. Listening to Christmas music in October and putting up our tree in early November

6. Stretching out in bed

7. Being "big" pregnant--I am tall and have a long torso, so I don't really get uncomfortable, even toward the end. God has blessed me with two really good pregnancies. I don't even get morning sickness!

8. C-sections and the subsequent hospital stay (no joke)

9. Party food (spinach dip, sausage balls, nachos)

10. Going out to eat (without my kids)

11. Clean floors!!!

12. Text messaging

13. Good hair days

14. Backrubs

15. Not finding out the sex of my babies. There is nothing quite like that anticipation.

16. Cracking my knuckles. I can't help myself. Bad habit? Maybe. But I have done it since I was a kid and could never stop. Plus I don't want to.

17. Sleeping with lots and lots of pillows

18. Driving down the road by myself on a perfectly wonderful spring or fall day with my windows down, singing loudly to 90s music

19. Beth Moore Bible studies

20. Gap blue jeans (maternity or regular--they're all great)


So, what random things make you happy?


Anonymous said...

Laughter, especially with the family, b/c it's the silliest.
love you, ble

Christia said...

I'll totally blog about it!

Stephanie said...

Benjamin makes me happy.