Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

Just for fun today (don't get any ideas), I asked Andrew some questions. Here is how the conversation went:

Me--"Andrew, if you had another brother, what would you want his name to be?"


Me--"What if you had a sister? What would you want her name to be?"

Andrew--"Emma! Or Ellie....or......Benjamin."

Sigh. Remind me not to consult with him in a couple of years. :)


Erica, the socks are the ONLY baby socks that my boys cannot kick off. They are made by Carter's. I found some online for sale (but not at the Carter's site) at http://www.tots-too-teens.com/quotcartersquot-boys-snuggly-socks.html but I usually just buy them in the store. I have a million white ones and then some "boy colors," too. They work *really* well.

Oh, and just so everyone knows the context of Andrew's girl name choices, Emma is a friend of Andrew's and Ellie is her new baby sister. Their mom, Diana, and I are friends. :)


Erica said...

I tend to like his girl choices!!! Of course not Benjamin for a girl though! lol Kids are so silly. this age is so much fun. On a side note Benjamins socks....they look like they are staying on good. Where are they from???? We are having big time sock issues here with Andrew. It also doesn't help he likes to eat his feet! lol

Cooper's Momma said...

I like Hammy! I vote for Hammy, and I vote for another baby.

Stephanie said...

lovin' normal life posts. My stress level has come WAY down since you got home.
I like Hammy too. Please name your next baby Hammy.

Diana said...

We are so incredibly flattered!!! My girls will be so proud that Andrew adores them so much! I have to say I think it might really be the cake and cupcakes??

Anonymous said...

Matthew's been saying for a month that he wants his new brother to be "Happy Birthday"...personally don't like the idea of a son named "Happy". This week we've come up with others silly words. If I wasn't so tired I'd remember now. I'll let you know what they were when I am thinking clear again. Glad you can write fun things instead of writing you're worried about Benjamin...definitely a good sign when you can think about fun things :)

Amber said...

Carsyn has been calling his new sister by her REAL NAME...troublesome since we're trying to keep it a secret!

I swear we didn't tell him, but he has a little girlfriend by that name in his day care class. We'll let him think he made the decision!

JaybirdNWA said...

When Joy was pregnant with John and we were searching for names, we asked our other children for advice also. The best one was our 10 year old son wanted to name him Goliath and call him Gollie for short. Eventhough we, like you, told ourselves that we wouldn't consult them again, he still gets called Gollie sometimes. Nicknames do stick.