Monday, October 13, 2008

In case you were wondering...

Just some things I thought I'd mention:

1. Yes, Benjamin is still doing well. I took him to his pediatrician today b/c his wrist (where they had to cut during surgery...yikes and ick...) doesn't seem to be healing well. I think they left stitches in there that are not the dissolvable kind, and it was bleeding. The steri-strips already fell off but I put some back on. Plus a band-aid. Dr. Stephanie said that it did not look infected and that I had done such a good job with the steri-strips (one of my hidden talents evidently), that she was not going to remove it. We go back in two weeks anyway for his six-month well visit so she'll check them then.

Question for anyone in medicine: If the stitches aren't the dissolvable kinds, isn't that bad to just leave them in and let it heal over them? Kind of gives me the heeby-jeebies to think about.

2. I got a comment from someone named Richard on a really old post, and since he didn't have a blogger profile, I am not able to contact him to answer his question. So, Richard, if you're still keeping up with us, I will tell you that the Hardees sign that read "Taco Salads is Back" was not in Kentucky. It was, indeed, in East Ridge, Tennessee, which is very close to the GA/TN line. I hope it was the same Hardees but you never know. LOL Thanks for the comment!

3. Also, Connie who left me a couple of messages. I don't have a cousin Betty, but my grandmother is Betty. Is that who gave you my blog address? And if so, come on, Grandma Betty. You might pass as my aunt, but cousin? :) Just kidding!! You know I love you.

4. Speaking of comments, I just wanted to say that if you're not a blogger, you might not realize the thrill that we bloggers get when people leave comments on our mindless dribble. (Or as Elaine on Seinfeld said, "the excruciating minutia of every, single, daily event..") And I totally understand, as a blog stalker myself, that you don't always want to leave a comment even though you know how. And I can also appreciate that sometimes you just might want to email a blogger your thoughts. Which is also fine. But I have heard from several of you that you'd like to leave a comment but just don't know how or don't want to register, etc. Let me assure you that it is super easy and you can do it without signing up for the fruit-of-the-month club or committing to naming your first-born 'Rumplestiltskin.'

Underneath each post, there is a line that says "___ comments." (In the blank is the number of comments.) If you click on that, you can read the witty comments that my friends and family have left. You can also leave a comment in the big, white box. Don't be intimidated. It is easy. Just type. :) Then, type in those googly-looking letters and numbers in the box. Now, below that, choose "anonymous." This way you don't have to sign up for anything. BUT BE SURE TO TYPE YOUR NAME IN THE WHITE TEXT BOX so I'll know who you are! Just sign it like you would a letter. You know, "Pulling out my hair, Great-Aunt Willemenia" or "Will you please shut up, Your brother, Justin." OR another option is to to click the "Name/URL" option and just type your name in the box.

5. Don't be fooled by the similar packaging. The "Cup Noodles" on the left (chicken flavor) is NOT equal to the "Maruchen Instant Lunch" on the right (creamy chicken flavor). Sure, you save $0.10 per package, but it is worth splurging on the $0.42-soup that actually tastes good. The one on the left just doesn't pack the punch it should. Maybe because its mere 1060 mg of sodium doesn't stand up to the 1,300 mg in the "good stuf." (Sara, I know you are gagging, but Amber, I thought you might appreciate the heads-up.)

Just in case you were wondering.



Amber said...


"I think maybe I'll have some ramen noodles." says me to Gerry.

dang. he's already working on dinner.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I had been wondering actually just how Ben was doing. You have made it my sidebar as a blog I frequent...I was glad to see the new post!!! Ben is such an adorable little thing. I am glad to hear he is doing well.


Sara said...

Hmmm, I am pretty certain I will have to remove this blog from my blog-roll. *BOTH* versions of the ramen are disgusting. 1300 grams of sodium in one meal!?! Wow that is gross.

I know nothing about stitches, but I can't imagine they would use the non-disolveable (sp?) kind.


Kristen said...

Oh, GOOD CALL on the Maruchan. SO Much better than the Nissin. Hands down.

lesliemarie said...

I'm officially a blog stalker (and a new class member at The Vine), so I just thought I'd say hi! I wanted to link you, also, to another blog I love...her daughter also has Down's, and her blog is just as entertaining as yours! :) ( I'm so glad to hear that all is going well with both kiddos! Hopefully Josh and I will get to meet you soon!

Anonymous said...

You truly are goofy, wordy, and I love you muchly. Can't wait to see you at the end of the week and meet my nephew Benjamin. Love from your Aunt Priscilla

Amber said...

FWIW, I don't salt ANYTHING. I mean nothing. So really, it's a wash in the end.

j said...

girl, you are a trip. i love it. after all that you have on your plate, you still have time to post silly stuff. you are great angela, i wish that we lived closer to each other.
love ya girl,

Stephanie said...

dude! You have jumped into super-blog stardum overnight! I am jealous of all your comments.

Keep it up. You've got tons to entertain us with!

I do need pictures of Benjamin though.

Amber said...

Angela, I forgot to mention, my dissolvable stitches took like 4-6 weeks to go away. They might be dissolvable still??

Diana said...

That is why I love you! I would not have survived my first year of college without ramen noodles and by the way I was far too poor to buy them in the ready to eat bowl. I had to buy like a case of the small packages at a time. If I was really spunky I would actually add chicken to them!

Chrispy said...

Okay those ramen noodles are just gross. Unless you're 12. I loved them when I was 12.

I love the way you write. You are one spunky lady!

Christia said...

So I asked Barry, who's technically NOT a Dr...yet, and he is pretty sure that non-dissolvable stitches need to be removed for the would to heal properly. He said to ask your ped.

And now I want Ramen, thank you very much :)

Christia said...

I think maybe you should call the hospital then? That seems weird that she wouldn't look at it...maybe just find out if they are dissolvable or not?

JaybirdNWA said...


Stitches that are dissolvable usually come out by 4 weeks but can take longer depending on your bodies reaction to them and its ability to dissolve them. If it is the stitches that do not dissolve, they will usually come out at the follow-up visit.