Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Andrew

Wow. There is just something about a two-and-a-half-year-old that is so DARN cute! At least when he's yours. Others I can take or leave sometimes, as I'm sure they can to mine. :)

Andrew was with my parents for ten days straight. He got to do lots of fun things and be off his schedule and have someone's undivided attention. Being with me during the day, especially now that he's not an only child, is not as fun as all that. I get it.

But it was still a teeny bit sad that he did not miss us ONE BIT while we were gone! I talked to my mother multiple times each day when we were away. Andrew mentioned us maybe once or twice in the entire time we were gone, and it wasn't that he missed us, he just mentioned us! Don't get me wrong; I'm *thrilled* that he has a great relationship with them! And I'm *thrilled* that I didn't worry about him one bit while we were gone. But I'm just not used to being chopped liver! :)

However, he was quite happy once he got home and rediscovered forgotten toys and Frank and Nancy (our cats). Plus we bribed him with a cookie. And not just any cookie. A cool cookie that looked like a jack-o-lantern. My uber-cool friend Stephanie and her family dropped off a SUPER cool bag-full-o-fun this afternoon. We're talking full of really thoughtful and quality stuff including brownies for my Brownie-Lovin' Husband and a cute and yummy cookie for Andrew. I used it to bribe him to eat his dinner. He got half of it tonight b/c it was huge. Here he is eating said cookie:

Benjamin is doing well. He is having trouble going to sleep, even at bedtime (which used to be his forte), so that will take patience and consistency on my part.

Gotta go. LOTS of DVR to catch up on. I was at 97% when I got home! YIKES! What if we had stayed later? The world would have ended! I'm happy to say that I'm now down to 58%. Already. :)


Susan Massoud Farley said...

Oh My goodness!! I go all day without checking the blog and I log on to find you are HOME?! I am elated, thrilled, jubilant...and mad at myself that I didn't know, therefore did not show up, casserole in hand :) '
I love you all and am so happy you are back in home sweet home.

Kristen said...

I'm with the above comment... I go one day without checking and suddenly you're HOME!?!? Holy cow. SO excited for you. Benjamin looks so happy and healthy. I know you are glad for your BIG bed! :)

I have loved reading your updates each night and am so thankful that the surgery went well... Thank you for letting me "in" on your life through this blog! I have loved it and will stick around, if that's ok! :)

Amber said...

YAY Eat N Park cookies!!

Christia said...

Oh my gosh! You are awesome! I wish we had DVR, and I'm glad you've gotten it down to 58% now :)