Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in (7/2)

Another busy day! We go back to the cardiologist next Tuesday for a check-up. We are excited because with each visit, we get closer and closer to his scheduling Benjamin's open-heart surgery. (We are also excited because Matthew and I love Dr. Herold!) I try not to think about the actual specifics of the surgery or what the doctors will actually have to do to Benjamin in order to repair his heart. Since it's still weeks and weeks away, right now it is still generic to me, and that's the way I want it. The logistics alone would drive me batty if I let it. (The trip up there, where to stay, how we'll deal with being away from Andrew and our house--and Matthew's job--for up to two weeks....etc...) But to actually think about the surgery, possible complications, and the recovery...shudder... No, thanks. I'll cross that bridge later.

Benjamin gained another 4.8 ounces today from last Wednesday. He is now up to 10 pounds, 11 ounces. He looked so cute in his little peapod outfit that I got from my friend Christia. It was a little warm for the hat, but I couldn't resist!! Here are some super cute pictures from today. Sorry to all you other moms out there, but I have the cutest boys around!! (Thanks to Christia for the cute outfit and to my friend Heather for the swing you see in the fourth picture. It has been a lifesaver. God has seriously blessed us with *so* many people who have been such a great help!!)

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J&G's Mommy said...

Oh Angela! Benjamin is adorable! :) I'm glad he likes the outfit! I am so in awe of your optimism. You are seriously an inspiration.